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Jorge Masvidal Wants Jake Paul To Fight Him In UFC

Jorge Masvidal Wants Jake Paul To Fight Him In UFC

The MMA star has promised to break the YouTuber's 'jaw in front of the whole world'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Jorge Masvidal has responded to Jake Paul's call out and wants to see the YouTuber step into the octagon.

After Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley over the weekend, he set his sights on other high-profile fighters.

"[Jorge] Masvidal and Nate Diaz, y'all are some b***hes for leaving this arena," he said. "Cause I know you don't want that s**t. I'll take out both of y'all next.

"Just get out of your contract with daddy Dana [White] and I'm going to f**k them up, too.

Yaroslav Sabitov/YES Market Media/Alamy Live News

"Please, please let me get Kamaru Usman, let me get Diaz, let me get Masvidal, let me get McGregor because I'm going to embarrass them too."

It was pretty big chatter from someone who has only won five fights (three of those, KSI, AnEsonGib and Nate Robinson were against people who aren't boxers).

Even though it could have been dismissed as big boy talk, it's received a reply from Masvidal.

The American fighter holds the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history at five seconds, holds the UFC 'BMF' Championship belt and is #6 in the UFC welterweight rankings.

"Listen man, you can't f**king afford me," Masvidal said in a video response. "Me and the other names that you mentioned, you can't afford. I know what you pay. You talk a big game.

"You say $50 million here, $100 million there, but bulls**t. If that was the case, [Floyd] Mayweather would have took the f**king fight with your b***h ass, but he hasn't because you don't generate that type of revenue.

"You're giving out free tickets. You've got street teams giving out free tickets. Who the f**k are you selling dreams to? You can't afford me to come over [to boxing]."

If that wasn't enough, Masvidal promised to destroy Paul if they ever did organise a fight.

Vanessa Carvalho/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News

"So let me tell you a little secret about me you didn't know: I fight for money or to fight the best in the world. You're neither," he said.

"You understand? I know it hurts, but you're neither the best in the world or make me money. I tell you want, come on over to the UFC, sign a one-fight deal, let Dana [White] give whatever the f**k he's got to pay you.

"I'll break your jaw in front of the whole world. I promise you that.

"If you really want it, come get it. Man to man sh*t. None of that boxing s**t where I can't slam you on your spinal cord and leave you in a wheelchair for life. No, come on over so we can do everything. If you want it, it's here. If not, shut the f**k up."

The ball is now in Jake's court.

Featured Image Credit: Yaroslav Sabitov/YES Market Media/Alamy Live News

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