Khloe Kardashian Hits Back After Cyberbully Who Said She ‘Looks Like An Alien’

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Khloe Kardashian Hits Back After Cyberbully Who Said She ‘Looks Like An Alien’

Khloe Kardashian isn't letting cyberbullies take up residence in the comments section of anything related to her.

The reality TV star appeared in a migraine medication advert for Nurtec ODT, which officially dropped earlier this year, and showed Khloe playing on the couch with her daughter.

However, it was shared recently again by the company on Twitter and attracted one person to suggest Khloe looked like an 'alien'.


The woman wrote: "Does research indicate that the more plastic surgery someone has the more likely they are to suffer from migraines?

"What kind of pharmaceutical company chooses someone who has had so much plastic surgery they look like an alien, as their spokesperson?"

Despite the original post on Twitter copping more than 4,000 comments and 1,400 quote tweets, Khloe managed to find this needle in haystack.

Instead of ignoring it, she put the woman in her place for criticising her appearance as a lesson to everyone.


The 36-year-old wrote: "Sorry you feel that way. You have every right to block/mute me. I am trying to help many out there who suffer in silence.

"I R completely entitled to your opinions. Just as I am mine. I don't think you should refer to yourself as a feminist if you are attacking a woman unprovoked."

Savage. It shows Khloe even went into the commenter's page to suss out a few personal details.

Credit: Nurtec ODT/Twitter
Credit: Nurtec ODT/Twitter

Loads of people supported the famous member of the Kardashian family for standing up for herself and responding to a comment, even if it was trivial.

One person wrote: "You tell em Khloe where did the 'if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all' go? But in the past I've tweeted yucky stuff thinking it was funny but humor is a double edged sword. Sorry for any negativity I set your way."

Khloe responded to that person with: "Thank you for your words!!! We all are here to grow and evolve. So cool you're able to own that! Same here mama!"

The model has probably faced the most amount of criticism for their looks compared to anyone else in the famous Kardashian clan.


While each member has copped their fair share of attention for various parts of their body, Khloe has been called out for photos posted to social media that look very different to their other images.

Whether it's airbrush or face tune or just good lighting, Khloe has been forced to defend herself on multiple occasions from allegations of plastic surgery.

Featured Image Credit: Nurtec ODT/Twitter

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