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People Who Played The Sims Are Recalling The Twisted Things They Did To Their Characters

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People Who Played The Sims Are Recalling The Twisted Things They Did To Their Characters

The iconic and legendary game, The Sims, has officially turned 21 years old, meaning it would finally be able to buy beer and gamble in Las Vegas.

Developers took the simple structure of a dollhouse and transformed its playful premise into an outlet for creativity. Players were allowed to design their Sims' houses and decide where their life would go from the cradle to the grave.

Some Sims lead fulfilled and pleasant lives...some were struck by inexplicable misfortune every step of the way. These are their stories...*DUN DUN*.

People who play The Sims love a good grudge and one gamer called snorlaxmom666 recalled what she did to their characters.


"Lily Feng [a random non-player character/NPC] stole my food that I paid for at a festival," they wrote.

Credit: The Sims
Credit: The Sims

"I invited her over, planning to lock her in a room and let her die. But then her husband was walking by so I locked her in a room with the bare necessities and a large window looking into my Sim's bedroom.

"Then I seduced her husband while she watched, and I let her go. Maybe you'll pay for your own food now, Lily."


Yeah, take that Lily.

While that might be a touch savage, other players have recounted how they just lived for creating drama. Honestly, it's like the Real Housewives of Monte Vista here. You had affairs, alien abductions, missing persons cases, whirlwind romances, unplanned pregnancies, and occasionally, all of these at the same time.

Player AhemExcuseMeSir said: "I don't like to use money cheats but wanted my Sim to get rich quick. She seduced Mortimer [Goth, an NPC], convinced him to leave Bella [his wife], married him, and then I spent a good five minutes cackling when the split household screen came up and I was able to move Bella and their two children into a small one-bedroom starter while my sim moved into the Goth mansion with Mortimer."

Ice cold. Ice. Cold.

Credit: The Sims
Credit: The Sims

But as time wore one, people got more creative than just locking their Sim in a room.

Gamer peasant007 said: "I once had a Sim who pissed me off so much that I locked her in a room with those wall speakers that only play Christmas music.

"Inside that room was a wall sized television and I forced her to watch the cooking channel while she slowly starved to death."


This player ensured the Sim couldn't sleep due to the noise, and that she couldn't relieve herself because there was no bathroom.

"I refused to let her change the channel on the television. Only cooking, day and night," they continued. "Fun fact: It takes a Sim about three days to die from starvation." Yikes.

Droid85 got way darker than that and explained: "I downloaded a mod that lets me place negative mood emitters so I created 'The Simferno,' with each room dedicated to a specific negative mood (Depression, Anger, Embarrassment, etc.).

"I created seven individuals and backstories on why they deserved to be tortured here. Anyways, I played the evil torturer with the evil and mean traits, made his needs static, and proceeded to torture the other individuals. There were seven of them, but I made only one bed, some uncomfortable chairs, one toilet, one sink.

Credit: The Sims
Credit: The Sims

"My torturer sim made enemies with all of them, even one who was a child (although it wouldn't let me fight the child). Any time they were having enjoyable interactions with each other, my Sim would interject and use mischief or evil to ruin their mood.

"Any time a Sim fell asleep I would wake them up (except when they would briefly pass out on the floor - I didn't have that option). I tried to keep all the sims just barely alive but I did lose one to hunger."

Droid85 ended the experiment because they got bored.

Of course there are millions of stories that are just as depraved and outrageous. Whether you removed the stairs to the swimming pool, took away the shower to see the blurred private parts, or caused your Sim to wet themselves, it was all a part of the experience.

Credit: The Sims
Credit: The Sims

In an issue of The Sims Official Magazine, psychologist Dr Jamie Madigan explained that subjecting Sims to the worst things that the game has to offer isn't that odd.

"People may simply be curious about what happens when they create these situations, and the results can even be seen as funny," said Madigan.

"There are many different ways of playing the game, and these endless choices are what bring about enjoyment."

He added that achieving those green feedback loops are what attracts players to the game and might unconsciously use The Sims to work on their insecurities.

"People who used particularly tall avatars tended to be more assertive in negotiations both inside of a virtual world and in the real world immediately after turning off the game," said Madigan.

Featured Image Credit: The Sims

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