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Photoshopper Reveals What 'Island Boy' Rapper Looks Like Without Tattoos Or Spiked Hair

Photoshopper Reveals What 'Island Boy' Rapper Looks Like Without Tattoos Or Spiked Hair

They even put him in a suit with new hair and teeth to see how he'd look as a businessman.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A photoshop expert has revealed what one of the 'Island Boy' rappers would look like without his signature face tattoos or spiked hair.

TikTok user Ora was asked if they could continue their photoshop challenge and take on Kodiyakredd, who is one half of the viral Florida artists who have taken social media by storm.

Kodiyakredd and his twin brother Flyysoulja, whose real names are Franky and Alex Venegas, are hard to miss.

Not only do they have incredibly spiked up, colourful hair, but they're also covered in tattoos that run all the way up their chests, necks and onto their faces.

Ora wanted to see whether Kodiyakredd could be transformed so that he might be able to pass in a 9-5 desk job and the results were pretty impressive.

The photoshop expert removed all the inkings on his face quite quickly, however it looked like it was a bit trickier to ensure all the tatts were removed from his neck.

Ora then whacked on a stock image of a bloke in a black suit and tie, along with a white shirt, and the image looked pretty humorous considering he still had his iconic hairstyle.

The TikTokker then got to work on removing each large strand of hair and then replaced it with a hilariously bad stock image of a simple, black comb-over.

To finesse the look, Ora even gave Kodiyakredd some white teeth because he had a gold grill in the original picture.

All in all, it was baffling to see how much someone can change when you switch up some of their biggest features (sarcasm intended).

One viewer wrote: "Went from Island Boy to CEO of an island."

Another added: "Bro look like a Mafia city boss level 30."

A third said: "Bro! Bring back the churros on his head."

Ora has made a name for themselves by doing a similar photoshop makeover to some of the biggest inked celebrities.

They have managed to remove all the designs from the faces of Tekashi 6ix9ine, Post Malone, Lil Wayne, Lil Peep, The Game, Trippie Redd and XXXtentacionn.

They all produce some pretty startling results and viewers have been amazed at seeing what their favourite rapper would look like before all those tattoos.

Featured Image Credit: Kodiyakredd/Instagram

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