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Aussie Band Powderfinger Are Releasing Their First Album In 11 Years

Aussie Band Powderfinger Are Releasing Their First Album In 11 Years

It's been a little more than a decade since we've heard new music from Powderfinger, but the Brisbane band are back.

They disbanded back in 2010 and many thought that was going to be the last we'd hear of the Aussie five-piece.

But in unexpected news, they have revealed they will be releasing an album called Unreleased, which, as the name suggests, will gather together a collection of songs recorded between 1998 and 2010 which never saw the light of day.

The boys told Double J last month that they'd come across a treasure trove of unreleased songs while they were compiling bonus material for the 20th anniversary reissue of their 2000 album Odyssey No. 5.

Credit: Powderfinger
Credit: Powderfinger

Powderfinger said in a press release: "We were always careful to keep our albums to around about vinyl length.

"While we searched for material from the Odyssey No. 5 writing and recording period we kept uncovering long forgotten tunes that were unmixed, unfinished or unsuitable for the purposes of the records we made.

"We narrowed it down to about 15 and then down to a final 10. It brought back lots of memories and stories and made it clear how high we had set the bar with regard to the quality of songs we released."


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The first single from the album was released last month and is called 'Day By Day'.

Unreleased is set to be released on Friday 27 November.

The band recently reformed to perform a one-off virtual show while Australia was in lockdown during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.


Members Bernard Fanning, Ian Haug, John Collins, Darren Middleton and Jon Coghill came up with the idea during a virtual meeting, while talking about the release of their anniversary record.

Speaking to News Corp, Fanning revealed: "In these meetings, we were chatting about the (online) performances we had all seen and then thinking about what could we do.

"Do we have a song we could release or something like that to contribute?

"A concert just kind of became the best idea and we liked it because it was really unusual, the idea of us actually reuniting without physically being in the same room."

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