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Ricky Gervais Has Put His Hand Up To Be The New James Bond

Ricky Gervais Has Put His Hand Up To Be The New James Bond

But the comedian doesn't want to do any running, believes 007 should swear more, and wants to ditch the martini.

There are plenty of actors rumoured to be taking on the huge honour of 007 now that Daniel Craig has officially retired from being James Bond.

The likes of Henry Cavill, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy have all been put forward, however there's a new star who has put himself forward.

Ricky Gervais has thrown his hat into the ring to be considered for the next Bond film after No Time To Die.

While 007 has a lot of classic characteristics, the British comedian has revealed what he wants to bring to the character.

Writing on Twitter: "I'll be the next James Bond but I'm not doing any running around or working after 4pm. And no Martini. Bollocks drink, that. Oh, and he's from Reading and swears a lot."

To be fair, that would be a hilarious version of the character we all know and love and a bit of comedy could go a long way.

It's clear that whoever the next 007 will be, Daniel Craig certainly doesn't care.

The leading man told an Australian journalist during the No Time To Die red carpet premiere in the UK that it's 'not my problem' who the studio goes with. Essentially, 'stop asking me' is what he believes.

But he does have some advice for whoever the producers pick.

During an interview on ITV's Lorraine, Craig was asked if he has any advice to the next 007 actor and he replied: "Enjoy it... and just stick your head down, get on with the work, do the best you can.

"That's what I said to myself and just said 'look, all I can do is my best. If it doesn't work, swing and a miss, I'll move on.' Fingers crossed that it works out for the next person and it will only go up. It will only get better."

He got the 'just enjoy it' mantra from Hugh Jackman.

"He just allowed me to sort of relax into it a bit more," Craig told Lorraine Kelly. "He's been famous for longer than I have and [he said] 'just enjoy it' and a switch went off in my head and I went, 'oh okay yeah'. Because it's fun, it's great, and when people like you how nice is that?"

But Lorraine got cheeky and asked Craig about the rumours that Aussie Hugh Jackman could one day be saying 'Bond, James Bond'.

Craig bluntly said back: "He's not going to be it... Over my dead body."

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