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Russell Brand Is Celebrating 19 Years Of Being Sober

Russell Brand Is Celebrating 19 Years Of Being Sober

The actor and comedian has explained why he can never touch drugs or alcohol again after a horrifying moment in 2002.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Russell Brand has celebrated being sober for nearly two decades.

The comedian and actor revealed it's been 19 years since he last used drugs or alcohol and he hopes his story will act as an inspiration for others who want to quit their habit.

In a video posted on Twitter, Brand said: "Thank you to all the people ahead of me that showed me the way, beside me that hold my hand and behind me that remind me why we all walk this path. Stay free!"

He opened up about his battle with drugs and alcohol during an interview with Oprah back in 2014. He said his dealings with these substances started at an early age.

"I look to solve inner problems with external things," he said. "I'll use anything to stop myself feeling, and as a little kid I was very lonely and confused.

"Anything that could temporarily relieve that, I was very grateful for. When you take drugs out of the equation, those issues remain."

The 46-year-old has been taken into custody for drug related issues 12 times and revealed an awkward conversation with his manger is what started his sobriety journey.

Brand was arrested in 2002 after being caught using heroin in the bathroom of Christmas party. John Noel told him he needed to clean up his act and he did just that.

He's admitted that he can't pick and choose his vices as it's better for him to stay completely clean.


"The reason I can't have drugs or drink today is because I know that I can't manage it. As a drug addict, you have to accept that you can never have drink or drugs again," he said.

"If anything positive can come of the death of Philip Seymour, it's that.

"His death doesn't make sense unless you accept that addiction is an illness. It doesn't make sense any other way. Otherwise, you think 'hang on a minute why he'd do that?'"

Seymour died in February 2014 after a drug overdose.


But Russell Brand says he owes it to everyone in his inner circle, as well as his fans, for helping him stay on the straight and narrow.

"It is possible to live differently if you are a drug addict," he said in a video celebrating his 19 years of sobriety.

"It is possible to live differently if you are suffering. It is possible to live differently if you live in a twisted and broken culture.

"I'd like to say to any of you that are suffering from addiction or know anyone suffering from addiction, there is a way out. It is possible."

"If someone as crazy and hopeless and lost as I was can become a father and a husband and a member of various communities, committed to service and change, then there is hope for all of us."

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