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Ryan Reynolds Wishes Hugh Jackman A Happy Birthday In Hilarious Video

Ryan Reynolds Wishes Hugh Jackman A Happy Birthday In Hilarious Video

Ryan Reynolds has wished his celebrity pal Hugh Jackman a happy birthday after the actor turned 52.

But of course when it comes to the Deadpool star, it's never as simple as just wishing them well on their big day.

He uploaded a video to his Instagram story saying: "Hey, Hugh! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and to tell you that I love you.


"I'm down here in Atlanta so I wish I could be celebrating with you.

"You may notice it's a little quiet around the house this morning, that's because I flew Deb and the kids and the dogs, and your friends and furniture down here to celebrate your birthday with me. And we're having an amazing time. And, um, we miss you."

Of course Ryan didn't actually do that and it seemed like the Wolverine actor was enjoying a beautiful time in what appears to be New York City.

Jackman posted a video of him eating a cake and listening to his mates sing happy birthday. To be fair, there was no sight of his wife Deborra-Lee Furness in the short clip so maybe they could have been in Atlanta with Ryan.

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Reynolds and Jackman love to throw the banter at each other all the time and it always produces hilarious results.

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Ryan Reynolds Gets Back At Hugh Jackman With Christmas Jumper Prank

Instead of wishing Hugh and Deborra-Lee a happy 24th wedding anniversary earlier this year, the Canadian actor used the moment to make a dig at his Aussie mate.

Jackman uploaded a throwback image of himself and his wife and added: "These 24 years have been the best of my life! And, as far as I can see, we keep getting better. I love you Debs with every fiber of my soul. Happy anniversary. #24"


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Reynolds wrote in the comments section: "Hang in there, Deb."

We could even be seeing these two on screen together in an epic reboot. It looks like they could be starring together in a Face/Off reboot. Wait. WHAT?

Ok, 'could be starring' is a slight over-exaggeration. But during a recent interview Jackman, 51, said that he'd be open to the idea - as long as he's not in the same room with his 43-year-old counterpart.


Hugh appeared, via video call (because that's life at the moment), on The Jess Cagle Show and the subject of him potentially working with Ryan came up.

Julia Cunningham, co-host of the show, suggested: "People want you to show up in Deadpool 3 or something - you know, like a really fun cameo. But something I saw recently that was going around on Reddit was if you guys did a reboot of Face/Off where you guys have to trade faces, which I think could be amazing."

Looking as if he was seriously considering the possibility, Hugh replied: "I have not heard that. Yeah. Is it possible to shoot it where we're actually never together - is that possible? I'm open to that."

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