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Sales Of White Slip-On Vans Have Exploded Nearly 8,000% Since Squid Game Was Released

Sales Of White Slip-On Vans Have Exploded Nearly 8,000% Since Squid Game Was Released

There's also been a huge increase in people looking for retro tracksuits and red boiler suits.

There's no denying Squid Game will go down in history as one of Netflix's biggest TV shows ever.

It's sparked millions of memes, jokes and headlines, and it seems like parts of the programme are causing real-world influence.

Sole Supplier says it has seen a 7,800 per cent increase in the number of people buying white, slip-on Vans shoes since the Korean series was released.

If you haven't seen the show, it's about a group of carefully selected, debt-ridden Korean citizens who are forced into a horrifying game of life and death.

The 456 contestants were chosen because they all owe people a lot of money and have made poor decisions in life. However, if they are able to complete six classic Korean childhood games (with a deadly twist) then they will win millions of dollars and get to live a new life.


All of the people involved in the game wake up in a chilling new environment dressed in green tracksuits and, you guessed it, white slip-on shoes that look very similar to Vans.

Interestingly, in addition to the huge uptick in people looking for the iconic shoe, Lyst has noted there has been a 62 per cent increase in the number of searches for red boiler suits, which is the outfit that the guards have to wear.

There has also been a 92 per cent jump in the number of searches for 'retro-inspired tracksuits' similar to the ones that the contestants are forced to wear.

This could mean there are thousands of people who are planning to dress up as one of the characters for Halloween.

As a result of its huge popularity, retailers are cashing in on Squid Game fancy dress costumes and merchandise this Halloween. From Player 067 to the Frontman, here's some of the best ones on Amazon.

Player 067 costume

Player 067 costume on Amazon. (

This Player 067 tracksuit is the number one bestseller on Amazon. For £33.99, you get the trousers, t-shirt and jacket which look exactly like the one actress HoYuen Jung wears on the show.

There are also a Player 001, Player 456 and Player 218 tracksuits available at the same price.

Squid game red tracksuit

Squid Game red tracksuit on Amazon. (

If red is more your colour, then you can get a three-piece red Squid Game tracksuit on Amazon for £33.99.

The set comes with a t-shirt, trousers and jacket and you can choose between the square, triangle or circle logo on your tee and jacket.

Squid Game guard costume

Squid Game guard costume. (

This jumpsuit, which is just like the ones the mysterious guards wear on Squid Game, is another bestseller for Amazon at the moment.

For £23,18, you get the red jumpsuit and black mask. Again, you can choose from a triangle, square or circle logo, so it's great if a group of you want to dress up and wear one of each.

Squid Game Frontman costume

Squid Game Frontman mask. (

If you want to play the elusive Frontman from Squid Game, there are several brands selling the masks on Amazon from £7.99. There are a range of colours to choose from, with the most popular being black. But actually, the Frontman in the TV series wears a gold mask to match his outfit.

To make the entire costume, you'll need to shop around a bit as there isn't a Frontman set like there is for the other costumes.

The Frontman, who's played by Lee Byung-hun in the series, dons a gold-metallic hooded coat with matching trousers, black leather gloves and black shoes.

This bronze metallic waterproof zip-up jacket makes for a great Frontman look-alike for women for £12.99. There's also this gold Festival Coat on Amazon that looks quite similar to the character's costume. Prices start at £18.99 and it could always be used at a festival after.

There's also this unisex gold hoodie, which could work as part of a Frontman costume. It's available to buy on Amazon for £24.99 and upwards.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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