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Sco Pa Tu Manaa Meme On Twitter: What Does It Mean?

Sco Pa Tu Manaa Meme On Twitter: What Does It Mean?

If you're wondering why Sco Pa Tu Manaa is all over your Twitter feed then you're not the only one. I had no idea what it meant too this morning and it's my job to be down with the kids. I've spent this morning working out where Sco Pa Tu Manaa came from and what it means, just so you can tell all your mates and be the coolest lad in the group for once.

Here's how I worked out the origins of Sco Pa Tu Manaa and what it means.


When I first began my search, I decided to take a look at a few variations of the Sco Pa Tu Manaa meme in action to see if I could work the meaning for myself.

Perhaps it has something to do with money?


Or aquatic mythology?

Nope, no idea. In fact, all this did was majorly add to my confusion.

I was then directed to a YouTube video starring a Ghanaian singer called Kawoula Biov who used the phrase in his song. Unfortunately, I have no idea what they're saying so that didn't help either.

According to Know Your Meme, Sco Pa Tu Manaa is a slang phrase that has a variety of meanings in multiple languages, including "I'll hit you" and "what experience does this remind you of". When the phrase became popular on Twitter, it was given the meaning "what is your opinion on this".

According to Tatisis, the phrase has multiple meanings online. These are: Where is that? What's on your mind? What exactly is happening? What do you think about this?

The first known tweet which turned the phrase into a meme was posted on May 1st, 2019. Twitter user @MercedesSlimBoy posted the phrase with a picture of a sign that reads "Run for Your Life Int. Chapel".

So, I guess Sco Pa Tu Manaa means, 'what do you think about...?'

Why people can't just say 'What do you think about this?' is a mystery to me. Perhaps it just makes them seem edgier, like people who get random phrases written in Latin tattooed to their biceps.

Sco Pa Tu Manaa this article?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Kawoula Biov

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Sco Pa Tu Manaa Meme On Twitter: What Does It Mean?

Sco Pa Tu Manaa Meme On Twitter: What Does It Mean?

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