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Sophia Grace And Rosie Shock Fans With Birthday Photo

Sophia Grace And Rosie Shock Fans With Birthday Photo

The duo shot to stardom a decade ago on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Sophia Grace and Rosie rose to worldwide infamy when they appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show nearly a decade ago.

The cousin duo, dressed in pink dresses and tiaras, belted out Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' in front of an audience of millions and it catapulted them to online stardom.

They were still in primary school when the big lights of Hollywood came calling, however a recent Instagram post shows they're all grown up.

Rosie wished her elder cousin a happy 18th birthday and fans were shocked to see the two girls so much older.

Most people around the world wouldn't have heard or seen of the pair since that infamous 2011 episode with Ellen and they were understandably shocked.

One person reacted to the post on Instagram, saying: "I swear they were just like in pink tutus on Ellen yesterday."

Another added: "18??!! Omg time has gone so fast."

A third wrote: "I feel like just yesterday you ladies were on @theellenshow and now here you both are all grown up."

It's clear the two aren't too famous to meet up and hang out and, according to America's Today programme, they were still keen to get into the entertainment industry.

They hope to one day make it big as an actress, singer or YouTube influencer.

The duo got their big break when they were filmed dancing and singing along to Minaj's banger at the time, which was 'Super Bass'.

Despite the song having some crude lyrics for people who are still learning about the world, they melted everyone's hearts with their adorable pink outfits and ability to control the stage.

One of their biggest fans was talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres, who wasted no time at all in getting Sophia Grace and Rosie onto the show to talk about their fame.

Obviously, it was a lot for primary school kids to be put on the national stage, but they weren't shy when it came time to perform their iconic set.

To make things even better, Ellen invited none other than Nicki herself to duet with the girls.

They were so popular that they were invited back on the show and were given a regular slot called Tea Time With Sophia Grace & Rosie.

Featured Image Credit: The Ellen Show

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