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​Stranger Things Star Maya Hawke On Growing Up With Parents Ethan Hawke And Uma Thurman

​Stranger Things Star Maya Hawke On Growing Up With Parents Ethan Hawke And Uma Thurman

Speaking to Jenna McCarthy on SiriusXM, she also discussed a Stranger Thing season 4...

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

If you thought Robin from season three of Stranger Things looked familiar, then it might be because she's the daughter of Oscar nominees Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. She stood out from a strong cast including Milly Bobby Brown, Gatan Matarazzo and Finn Wolfhard. Speaking to Jenna McCarthy on SiriusXM, she discussed what it was like growing up in such a famous household and was adamant that it didn't come with any added pressures.

The SiriusXM interview comes the same week that Stranger Things fans are speculating that there could be a huge twist in season four.

Maya, 21, sat alongside costar Natalia Dyer said: "If you're lucky it's like you don't have parents who are celebrities. I was never aware of my parents being anything other than my parents."

Maya and Natalia talk chat on SiriusXM.

All credit must go to her parents if that's true, it can't be easy providing a normal life for your children if you're constantly followed by the paparazzi. She explained that both her parents were very supportive and loved the Netflix series even before she was cast which made the experience 'fun'.

Radio host McCarthy replied: "I love that you can take it and be like, "thank you." Whereas if my parents said it to me, and they have said it to me, I'm like: NO, you're just saying that because you're my mom and dad. You hated it!

"And they're like "No, we did! We liked it!"

Maya was quick to point out that growing up with successful parents does come with a rigorous commentary.

She said: "I know my parents don't BS me. They're pretty rigorous in terms of their commentary when they like something or don't."

Judging by the feedback from this year's season, I think it's fair to say that both Uma and Ethan would be very proud of their daughter.

Proud parents Uma and Ethan

If you're a fan of the rising star then you'll be happy to know that you could be seeing her much more in the future, as long as there are geeks involved.

McCarthy asked Maya what her goals are for the future, she said: "All I know is that I want to ... you know, the thing that's so amazing about [Stranger Things creators] the Duffer Brothers is that they really love the story they're telling, they really love what they do.

"They're total geeks, like passionate, passionate geeks and I just wanna always work with geeks because [they're] people who love what they do."

Maya Hawke made quite the impression in Stranger Things

Despite Stranger Things dropping on Netflix just this week, it's already broken records by becoming the most watched show since it's 4 July launch. Not only has it become the most watched series, but it's also trumped any other film on the streaming service.

Netflix tweeted: "@Stranger_Things 3 is breaking Netflix records! 40.7 million household accounts have been watching the show since its July 4 global launch - more than any other film or series in its first four days. And 18.2 million have already finished the entire season"

With so many people watching it, it's going to become impossible to avoid spoilers in the near future, so you best get watching.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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