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Fans Are Fuming That Taylor Lautner Isn't Returning For Sharkboy And Lavagirl Sequel

Fans Are Fuming That Taylor Lautner Isn't Returning For Sharkboy And Lavagirl Sequel

The first images of the much-anticipated sequel to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl have been released and the reaction has certainly been mixed.

Back in July, Netflix revealed a follow-up to the cult kids film was in the works, with many fans keen to see the two child stars reprising their roles as superhero parents.

But the promotional poster for sequel We Can Be Heroes has made a shocking revelation: Taylor Lautner isn't returning.

Lautner and Taylor Dooley starred alongside each other in the 2005 original, however it appears only Dooley has signed on for the sequel. Since the news debuted on social media, it's become clear that people are not happy.


One person wrote on Twitter: "Did you seriously get the original Lava Girl and NOT the original Shark Boy!! WTF! Use Taylor Lautner or the movies going to be s**t!"

Another added: "Nope! Where the OGs at? Who dem people?"


A third said: "I don't know how to feel about the upgrades to the costumes yet and unless my eyes are deceiving me...that does not look like Taylor Lautner as Sharkboy and there is no Sharkboy without him."

There has been no word from Lautner on why he apparently isn't featuring in the film - instead J.J. Dashnaw has been cast as the adult Sharkboy.

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Fans were also confused at the idea that the two superheroes are now parents, with many viewers of the original film believing they were siblings. Strange.

We Can Be Heroes will tell the story of 11 superhero kids who have to try and save the world after their parents are kidnapped.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

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Speaking about the new movie on a Comic-Con panel, director Robert Rodriguez described it as being 'like an Avengers team' except 'they all have kids'.

The 52-year-old said: "My most rabid fanbase all these years, by far, has been my kid films. My Spy Kids audience.

"These kids watch those movies over and over because they're action films made for children and families, in particular at a time when they need empowerment.


"Netflix came to me because the Spy Kids movies had done just so well on their service. They said, 'Could you make a series of films that do that?' And I said, 'I'd love to!'"

But as you can imagine, it's not been the easiest time for filmmakers recently, and Rodriguez said it's been an extremely challenging shoot, especially given the age of the cast.

The movie is set to premiere on Netflix on 1 January.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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