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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Starts Tonight In Australia

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Starts Tonight In Australia

Get ready to go back to Gilead.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

After waiting seemingly forever, Aussies will finally get to feast their eyes and ears on the newest installation of The Handmaid's Tale.

The fourth season will debut on SBS tonight with an absolute banger double-episode from 8:30pm.

But if you simply can't wait, then they will be uploading the first three episodes of the new season on their On Demand streaming service at 7:01pm.

SBS will then be posting another double episode next week on Thursday 6 May at 8.30pm, before each episode gets uploaded each week after.

The episodes dropped on Hulu yesterday (April 28) for audiences around the world, meaning they got the jump on viewers in Australia.

But there's only a few hours left before we get to soak up everything to do with the world of Gilead.


The fourth season will pick up straight after the end of season 3, which left us reeling when June (Elizabeth Moss) was gravely wounded while rescuing the children of Gilead, many of whom safely arrived in Canada.

The season trailer foreshadowed an epic showdown between June and Aunt Lydia and Elizabeth Moss has told audiences to get ready for one hell of a battle.

"Yeah. God, June versus Aunt Lydia. I mean, I think one of the themes that we deal with this season is power and what real power means, and who has it. That's what so much of the book was about and it's what so much of our show is about," she said (via SBS).

"Power isn't always what it looks like. Power can be dangerous. It can be something that is destructive. And I think for both June and Lydia, they're both seeking power on their own journeys, but perhaps in very different ways and with different objectives."

In the fourth instalment of the series, we'll also get to find out what happens to Serena Joy, who was arrested at the end of season 3.

She learned her immunity doesn't cover her forcing June to have sex with Nick (Max Minghella). And, speaking of Nick, it's expected we'll see more of him in season 4.


Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Max said: "I'm really excited to go back, and I know that the direction of the show is going to shift. This season was a catalyst for a lot of exciting stuff, so I think we're all excited about what next season's going to look like."

And it certainly sounds like it's going to be an epic season, with Elisabeth Moss telling Digital Spy last year: "Part of the reason why it's taken a little bit longer, besides just timing, is that we are making it a bit of a bigger season this year. We're really stretching the limits of our capabilities, production wise, and we're on the move a lot.

"We're not sitting in a studio between four walls very much, so it really is a bigger season and that's taken a little [longer]. I've been in Toronto since mid-January prepping."

Get ready for the double or triple episode binge later tonight.

Featured Image Credit: Hulu

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