The ABC Pulls Tom Ballard's Set After Comedian Said He Wanted Liberal Voters To 'Choke' And 'Die'

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The ABC Pulls Tom Ballard's Set After Comedian Said He Wanted Liberal Voters To 'Choke' And 'Die'

Tom Ballard is known for pushing the boundaries of comedy during his stand up routines and is considered one of our best young talents.

However, he's found himself in a bit of hot water over jokes that were set to be shown in the ABC's broadcast of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's annual Gala show.

While his routine was short, he managed to ruffle the feathers of the national broadcaster with a few lines about people who vote for the Liberal Party.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ballard labelled them 'not people' and 'cold-blooded lizards ruining the country who should go back to the hellmouth from where they came'.

Credit: Tom Ballard/Instagram
Credit: Tom Ballard/Instagram

But he wrapped up the bit with a crushing line where he reportedly said: "I hope you die, I hope you choke on your own franking credits, you evil greedy fascist soulless pig dogs."


The ABC hasn't confirmed what was contained in the Sydney Morning Herald report, however did confirm Ballard's removal from the Gala broadcast.


The national broadcaster simply said it was because the set didn't live up to their editorial standards.

A statement from the ABC said: "The ABC checks all content prior to broadcast to ensure it meets editorial standards. In this case, it was determined that the risk of causing offence to viewers was not editorially justified."

Not sure what they were expecting when they got Ballard on the lineup considering his past opinions expressed on stage.


His Tonightly show was cancelled on the ABC back in 2018 after he called then-Australian Conservatives candidate Kevin Bailey a c**t'.

That sparked a wave of anger from government officials and many were outraged at the idea of the ABC clearing that line for broadcast.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield wanted an apology from the broadcaster, adding: "Candidates for elected office expect to be criticised and parodied. But this ABC segment clearly crossed a line, particularly given that it was directed towards an individual who has served his nation in uniform.

"Vitriolic abuse of this kind has no place on the national broadcaster and I will be asking the ABC to investigate. The ABC should also immediately offer an unreserved apology to Mr Bailey."


The ABC launched an investigation into the matter and concluded that there wasn't any wrongdoing, however the show was eventually cancelled.

Featured Image Credit: Tom Ballard/Instagram

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