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Tom Hardy Will Star In A New Netflix Film From Gangs Of London Creator

Tom Hardy Will Star In A New Netflix Film From Gangs Of London Creator

Hardy will also be taking on a role as co-producer for the film.

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch

Tom Hardy is gearing up to star in a Netflix film that will be helmed by Gangs Of London co-creator Gareth Evans.

Havoc will see Hardy take on the role of a detective navigating his way through the criminal world after a drug deal gone wrong, while being tasked with rescuing a politician's son while also uncovering the extent of corruption going on in his city.

Yeah - there's a lot going on.

The move comes as part of Evans' new deal with the streaming giant to produce and direct several movies over the next couple of years.

Filming for Havoc is reportedly kicking off in June and will be in Wales, where Evans filmed his 2018 cult horror Netflix movie Apostle.

Hardy is also set to star as Eddie Brock in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which is expected to be released on June 24 this year.

Back in 2018, Hardy told ScreenRant how he came up with the unusual voice for alien symbiote Venom, saying he used 'Redman, Busta Rhymes, James Brown, as ingredients.'

He continued: "And I played with it. The fusion to create what you hear, which sounds nothing like them. But initially, that was the vibe, or the heartbeat, that I wanted to bring to it.

"Was the kind of bombastic, playful, dark, witty, clever, very edgy...honest. But with a powerful, familiar, friendly sound, which is palatable but will drop unexpectedly, like That's the truth."

We can't wait to see Hardy in Havoc and, at the same time, fans are keen to see when Gareth Evans will bring Gangs of London back for its now-confirmed second season.

He told LADbible: "Obviously when we were designing it, as with anything you design the long form - you're looking at 'what can the future hold' and 'where can the story continue to go and develop'. And I think that by the time audiences get to where the show ends in season one, they'll know that there are so many different ways that it could play out.

"I'm keeping super vague, I'm so sorry! But there's lots of trailing loose ends of things that are all kind of like... You'd be curious to where those characters end up, and what becomes of them when you get to season two."

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