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YouTuber MrBeast Under Fire For Recreating Every Challenge In Squid Game

YouTuber MrBeast Under Fire For Recreating Every Challenge In Squid Game

He has spent around $2 million to bring the Netflix show to life and he's recruiting 456 contestants to play his games.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

YouTuber MrBeast has spent millions of dollars recreating every challenge seen in Netflix's Squid Game.

The social media star wanted to bring the TV show to life but said he would only do it if he got more than 10 million likes on his TikTok video.

Once that all-important number was reached, Mr Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, decided it was going to be his next big project.

He has poured roughly $2 million into recreating the six games in the viral TV show on a set. Judging from the video he recently uploaded, it's pretty accurate in terms of aesthetics and size.

He wants to get 456 contestants, the same number that was in the series, to compete in Red Light, Green Light; the Tug of War, the marbles game, the glass hopping challenge, the honeycomb game and the final showdown - the Squid Game itself.

Obviously, he's not going to murder each of the participants who fail - they will just be asked to leave instead.

MrBeast said there will be up to $1.5 million in prizes given away.

But many people have criticised the YouTuber for missing the whole point of the Netflix series, which saw all the contestants flock to the game because they're riddled with debt while living in poverty.

In the show, the architects of the Squid Game play on people's desperation in the hope they will eventually murder other contestants for their shot at the prize money.

It was a confronting look to see how far people would go if it meant they had a ticket to a better life.

Making people compete in a challenge for money is very much in the remit of a MrBeast video and he regularly gets people to do something for a chance to win loads of cash.

But his Squid Game recreation critics say the source material for his latest project is a little dodgy.

While it might change someone's life to receive the massive sum of money, there have been loads of people in actual debt who are begging to be a part of the game.

Despite the ethical or moral issues, there's no denying MrBeast's philanthropic approach to life. He's helped feed thousands of people, given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes and he's also pledging to clean up 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@MrBeast

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