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Little Ant From Saturday Night Takeaway Now Has Roadside Recovery Job

Little Ant From Saturday Night Takeaway Now Has Roadside Recovery Job

The 28-year-old made his name as the mini version of the popular TV presenter

Little Ant was once one of the biggest names on TV, but he now has a career working as a road side engineer.

James Pallister, from Newcastle, made his name as one half of the mini version of the popular comedy due Ant and Dec.

He appeared alongside Little Dec - Dylan McKenna-Redshaw - on the presenter's hit light entertainment show Saturday Night Takeaway.

The pair caused havoc with some of the biggest names in TV and film, becoming household names in their own right.

But now a few inches taller and a couple of years wiser, the 28-year-old James works for RAC.

Speaking about his life since leaving the show, James said he hasn't looked back.

He told the Sun: "I absolutely love my job. There’s nothing better than being out on the roads helping people who have broken down.

James now works for the RAC.

"I really pride myself on being able to fix most of the cars I go out to."

Conversely, Dylan has gone down the health and fitness route, starting his own nutrition business and helping people get into shape.

He and James were reunited with the real Ant and Dec earlier this year.

Speaking about the reunion, Dylan said it was great to back with the gang.

"It’s always good to see Ant and Dec again," he said. "They were shocked when they saw us, it’s been a few years since we have caught up and we are much taller!

“It was a really good experience. Me and James used to joke with Ant and Dec. They were great teachers! Looking back, I guess we were able to be more naughty and cheeky than they would have got away with."

Little Ant and Dec with Big Ant and Dec.

James said: "Times have changed. I don’t think I look like a Little Ant now but I really enjoyed the experience and its something I’ll never forget."

The real-life Ant and Dec are currently working in Wales on this year's edition of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

But while the country has rejoiced at the show's return, some of the local residents in Abergele haven't been as impressed.

A sign telling the pair to 'go home' was even erected ahead of the latest series.

The complaints centre around the production interfering with everyday life by blocking off paths and erecting scaffolding. 

One resident told MailOnline: "These people are absolutely ridiculous, they are erecting a structure and then think they can stop us locals from walking our dogs where we have been walking for over 40 years."

Featured Image Credit: RAC

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