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Logan Paul Sparks Outrage On Twitter After Creating Game Boy Table

Logan Paul Sparks Outrage On Twitter After Creating Game Boy Table

Some of his followers were less than impressed with him 'ruining' the classic Nintendo consoles

Logan Paul has managed to inadverntely stir up controversy time by creating his very own gaming inspired table. 

Paul took to TikTok to show off his unique project, which involved him dunking 15 Game Boys into epoxy resin, covering them with more of the resin and then popping the whole thing inside a Pokémon inspired frame. 

Alongside the video, he wrote: “First epoxy resin project… Game Boy Colors & a metal Pokémon frame made for a nice little tabletop.” 

In a second clip he showed that the whole thing lights up and changes colour. 

Now, personally, I reckon it looks pretty cool, but his treatment of the beloved Nintendo consoles has not gone down well with all his followers. 

One person wrote: “I get it’s your money. And I respect you for taking the time to learn this, but I think giving these away as gifts or something, especially around Christmas, could’ve made some peoples days.”

Another said: “Nah.. this ain’t it for me. Ruining classic Game Boys. For a table? Nah. This was a dumb idea.”

While a third person commented: “A kid could've enjoyed his first game without a phone. A guy could've bought and played on it because of nostalgia Someone could've been happy And you put their happiness in an epoxy resin and waste it. Shame.”

However, others stepped in to defend Paul, with one person writing: “Don't understand what people's problems are, he bought the Game Boy Colors he's allowed to do what he wants with them? There aren't just 15 Game Boy Colors in the world.”

TikTok/Logan Paul

And someone else added: "Oh my god I just read the comments. I cannot believe ppl are upset about this. Life must be too easy if this upsets ya.”

Earlier this week, Paul explained why he no longer shares content on YouTube. 

Although he was once one of the biggest names on the video sharing platform, Paul hasn’t uploaded a new clip since June last year when he was promoting his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking about why he's stopped posting content on YouTube, he told the Los Angeles Times: "Demonetization, being blacklisted, being shadow-banned, it's really demotivating.

"When you are yourself, the platform that you're on, because of the advertisers, because of public sentiment, whatever it is, no longer wants to support you."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Logan Paul

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