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Tekashi 6ix9ine 'Ends Concert' After Fans Grab At His $2,000,000 Jewellery Following Stage Dive

Tekashi 6ix9ine 'Ends Concert' After Fans Grab At His $2,000,000 Jewellery Following Stage Dive

6ix9ine was performing his first concert since being released from prison

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine reportedly called a premature halt to a concert after he jumped into the crowd and fans attempted to grab his jewellery, which he claims is worth $2,000,000 (£1,441,600).

6ix9ine, who is really called Daniel Hernandez, was headlining his first concert since getting out of prison at a nightclub called Tier in Orlando, Florida.

However, while he was performing his song 'GOOBA', he decided that he'd leap from the VIP balcony and get into the crowd.

He even shared a video of the stage dive, captioned: "'He NoT GonNa bE Able tO cOmE ouTsiDE'



"If you mad just say that don't @ me."

Well, quite.

Tekashi 6ix9ine throws himself into the crowd.

However, if some reports are to be believed, it didn't all go to plan after that.

First off, it's not clear whether his jewellery was actually worth that much money, but he's known for splashing the cash around on things like this, so we can take his word for it on this front.

Secondly, while the crowd seemed to be enjoying it, Hernandez reportedly started to get annoyed when someone first knocked his hat off and then someone else tried to grab the chains around his neck.

Eventually, despite 6ix9ine telling everyone to calm down, one of the necklaces came off his neck and was picked up by the security at the concert.

That was the prompt - according to TMZ - for the show to come to an abrupt close.

However, Hernandez's lawyer Lance Lazzaro told the entertainment news outlet that Tekashi was happy with how the show went and even managed to keep all of his ice in one piece as well.

All's well that ends well, right?

Lazzaro also addressed how smart it was for the controversial rapper to jump into the crowd at all, given that he's recently been involved in a trial during which he gave up information on several gang members and received a plea deal in exchange for that co-operation.

Daniel '6ix9ine' Hernandez in court.

Oh, and there's still that pandemic going on, too.

Despite all of that, Lazzaro maintains that 6ix9ine isn't at all worried about anything and said that if something were to arise, he's confident in the ability of his security team to deal with any potential threats.

According to those in attendance at the concert, Tekashi kept shouting out 'I'm untouchable' during the show, so that confidence is there for all to see.

LADbible has contacted Tier for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/6ix9ine

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