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Liam Gallagher Crashes The Killers’ Lollapalooza Set In Brazil

Liam Gallagher Crashes The Killers’ Lollapalooza Set In Brazil

The Killers are an extremely decorated Las Vegas band that knows how to bust out some quality rock'n'roll - one of their songs has stayed in the Billboard Top 100 chart for 14 years ('Mr Brightside', first released in 2003), which is testament to their enduring appeal. But it's nice to know they can still get starstruck.

The band were rocking out to some of their best songs at Lollapalooza in Brazil in front of tens of thousands of fans, and then this happened:


At the climax of 'All These Things That I've Done', Liam Gallagher surprised The Killers' lead singer Brandon Flowers. He genuinely looked terrified at the unexpected encounter and was probably worried that a fan had somehow snuck on stage, a little closer than the band would've liked.

Once he realised it was Liam, however, the pair linked arms and shared the stage.

Laughing with relief, Flowers yelled to the crowd: "Fucking Liam Gallagher!"


At one point, the former Oasis frontman dropped to his knees and clasped his hands together as though he was praying to his American mates.

And then, as quickly as he came onto the stage, Gallagher was gone and the band wrapped up the song - and gave a respectful nod to Oasis by playing 'Gas Panic' from the Mancunian band's turn-of-the-millennium album Standing On The Shoulder of Giants.

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This not the first time Gallagher and co. have received a bit of a plug by The Killers.

Last August, Liam pulled out of his Lollapalooza set in Chile, complaining of a chest infection.


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The crowd, understandably, were pissed. When you've been standing in a crowd for hours waiting for a performer to serenade you with their latest and greatest, only to walk off after a few songs, it's upsetting.

The 45-year-old told the booing audience: "My voice is absolutely smashed. I'm not just going to stand here all night screaming out for everybody sounding fucking horrific.

"I'm very sorry I can't sing the tunes. If you ain't gonna have fun, I'm wasting my time"


Well, The Killers decided to dedicate a part of their set to Gallagher.

Brandon Flowers told the crowd: "We heard you missed out on a couple of songs today that you wanted to hear. Any night that 'Wonderwall' is being sung by other people is a good thing."

It can go one of two ways when another band covers a well-known song, but thankfully this went down an absolute treat. It seemed as though Gallagher was in good spirits at the Brazil event and hopefully his chest infection is well and truly gone.

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