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Craig David Agrees To Perform At Super Fan's Wedding

Craig David Agrees To Perform At Super Fan's Wedding

Nowadays absolutely no one cares about the 'I do' bollocks at a wedding, it's all about the party.

Yeah, we get it, your dress is overly expensive, your mum's crying, you love one another, till death parts us blah blah where's the DJ setting up and what drinks are on offer?


Because of this the need to have a huge blow out has risen, as the normal dancing the night away just won't do.

Sophie McEvoy knew that, and so she tweeted Craig David every day since last July, to invite him to perform.

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David appeared on the Stav, Abby and Matt Show - With Osher radio show on Brisbane's radio station, hit105, when speaking to the presenters they told him that one of his fans, who had been tweeting him, was on the line - to which the singer already knew who it was, saying Sophie's name.

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Abby Coleman, one of the presenters, can be heard saying: "They're a massive Craig David fan and I believe they've probably been, I'll say, kindly harassing you on Twitter."

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Matt Acton goes on to read one of Sophie's tweets: "Do you think if I tweet Craig David every day for the next 480 days he would perform at my wedding?" In response, the musician says: "That would be Sophie, no? Oh wicked, put me through."

He confessed that after seeing her tweets he had planned to attend her special day all the time. Sophie had previously said that her fiance thought she was 'bonkers' and had 'no chance' of getting the rapper to their wedding.

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In a shock announcement, the Southampton-born star says: "I've been trying to keep it a lovely secret... but I will come through and do a little something for you on your wedding day."

Stunned, Sophie says: "Shut up, shut up! Are you being serious?", to which Craig David reveals that plans were being made with Sophie's event planner. He added: "I was trying to keep it to the last day... but now we're on air I can't lead you on for any longer... it'll be a pleasure."

During the broadcast, Sophie says: "I literally can't wait to meet you" and referring to her fiance Richard's claim that she would never get him to their wedding, she adds: "At least I'm going in to marriage with him knowing that I'm always right".

Sophie is set to celebrate her day abroad with 75 guests had said before that she doesn't do anything by halves, as she 'just loves a challenge'.

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