Dave Grohl Accepts Drum-Off Challenge In Wholesome Exchange With Young Drummer

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Dave Grohl Accepts Drum-Off Challenge In Wholesome Exchange With Young Drummer

Just another day of Dave Grohl proving himself to be the most wholesome man in rock music.

This week, the Foo Fighters frontman responded to Nandi Bushell, a 10-year-old drumming legend who's so good at what she does, she previously caught the attention of Lenny Kravitz and Kirk Hammett.

It all started when Nandi tweeted a video of her absolutely smashing a rendition of Foo's 1997 hit 'Everlong' on the drums.


She posted the clip alongside the description: "My dream is to one day jam with Dave Grohl, @taylorhawkins and all the @foofighters!

"Mr Grohl I would love to have a drum battle with you! I LOVE Everlong it's really hard to play as it's so fast but so much FUN! #foofighters".

She ended the video by pointing her stick to the camera and shouting: "Check mate!"

Never one to back down from a drum-off, the former Nirvana drummer responded to Nandi on Twitter and accepted her challenge.


Alongside a video of himself performing the same song, he wrote: "Hey @Nandi_Bushell! Challenge accepted.

"Haven't played these songs in a loooooong time.....thanks for the inspiration!!! Your move!!! Your friend in rock, Dave (Thanks to my daughter, Harper for letting me borrow her drum set)."

He also said: "Today, I'm going to give you something you may not have heard before.

"This is a song called 'Dead End Friends' from a band called Dead Crooked Vultures, which is me playing drums, Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age playing guitar and singing, and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin playing bass.


"This is my response to your challenge. So now the ball is in your court."

No surprises that Nandi was stoked to see her idol is totally up for the challenge, so much so that she's since responded to his message, which was posted on the official Foo Fighters account.

"Challenge Accepted! Mr Grohl you are amazing! Thank you so much," she wrote.


Fans quickly took to the comments section to express their delight at this cute exchange.

"This is now the most important thing going on in 2020. I am ALL IN for this!!! Give Rock unto others as you would have Rock given unto you!!!" wrote one user.

Another chimed in: "That Dave Grohl responded to this challenge is one of the reasons he and the Foos are our favorite band."

"Dave Grohl, you're insanely talented and one of the best artist's I know," added a third.


"But what makes you so so amazing is how you're such a good person, you probably made her day (and ours too!)

"We need this kind of energy in this world right now."

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