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Eminem's Daughter Hailie Scott Speaks Out For The First Time About Their 'Close' Relationship

Eminem's Daughter Hailie Scott Speaks Out For The First Time About Their 'Close' Relationship

The musician's daughter, Hailie Scott, has revealed that the pair share a 'close' relationship and explains that her dad is supportive

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

We wouldn't want to insult anyone's intelligence but for those who have been living under an actual rock for most of their lives, Eminem has a daughter - no joke.

But of course we all knew about her - who did we think the rapper was talking about when he wrote Mockingbird?

The musician's daughter, Hailie (obviously), is a 22-year-old Michigan State University graduate. She has a huge Instagram presence but doesn't speak about her dad a lot. And by a lot I mean at all.

So we certainly won't be getting any goss from her about Nicki Minaj that's for sure.

But, Minaj aside, Hailie has spoken about the 'close' relationship that the pair share.

When asked if she sees her pops and whether he's supportive, Hailie told the Daily Mail: "Of course, we are very close".


She is the only biological child of the 45-year-old rapper and his ex-wife Kim - which is pretty cool in itself, we don't reckon we'd want to share Eminem either.

Hailie shunned the limelight until she created her Instagram account in 2016 and ever since has been inundated with offers from major brands.

When she was asked about her plans following graduation, she said: "I'm not sure yet, it's kind of up in the air still." She's clearly a woman of few words.


She added: "People have been reaching out through [Instagram], as I don't have any [management]." Sounds like her old man needs to put his hand in his pocket.

Apparently Hailie has little interest in following in his footsteps and becoming a musician - which is probably because she's more drawn to the world of beauty.

Plus, imagine having those expectations hanging over your head.

Hailie has said she's not ready to launch a career yet - well if you don't need to fair play. She is unsure she will ever want to live under the spotlight of fame, according to the Daily Mail.


She now lives in her own modest four-bedroomed house in Detroit, Michigan - yeah I remember having a four bed at 22 as well. Oh wait.

Although Hailie is very secretive about her private life, she said she studied Psychology and graduated near the top of the class as she was 'on the Dean's List or whatever.' No biggie. Love a bit of gloating on the DL.

MailOnline can also reveal Hailie has been in a relationship with former fellow MSU student, Evan McClintock, for more than two years.

Evan is a fan of Eminem who is said to be very approving of their relationship. Bet that was a relief.


A source close to Hailie said: "Marshall was just hitting the big time at the age Evan is now, making headlines for his shocking lyrics and toxic relationship with Kim.

"Evan studied economics and is a keen golfer, there's a huge difference.

"Hailie's family have welcomed Evan, they are a fantastic young couple who love cosy nights in rather than hard partying.

"She enjoys keeping a low profile, walking her dog and going to fitness classes, hanging out with her friends and holidaying with Evan."

Sounds like a far cry away from her parents' fiery relationship way back when.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/hailiescott1/PA

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