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People Think Kim Kardashian Is Muting Kanye West In Album Screenshots

People Think Kim Kardashian Is Muting Kanye West In Album Screenshots

Kim and Kayne may have separated but that hasn't stopped her supporting his music career... well, sort of

Kanye West has finally released his new album Donda and his wife (soon to be ex) Kim Kardashian West has been helping him to promote it.

Kim posted some screengrabs on her Instagram story showing her 'listening' to Ye's new songs on the album, but eagle-eyed fans spotted something unusual about the pictures.

The 40-year-old didn't appear to be actually hearing the tunes because she had the volume set to zero, meaning she was pretending to listen but actually had him muted.

Taking to Twitter, people have been quick to call her out for muting Kanye's tenth studio album, with one person writing: "Kim Kardashian really said 'this Donda album just hits different on mute'."

Another added: "My mood today is Kim Kardashian listening to Kanye West's new album on mute."

A third said: "So Donda is out so good so far," before asking: "Should I put my phone on mute just like @KimKardashian to get the full effect?"

Another commented: "Sis really bothered to at least post his songs...BUT ON MUTE PLZ."

A fifth suggested: "Find a supportive wife like Kim Kardashian who would listen your song on mute."

Kim has since deleted the posts from her Instagram story and replaced them with new ones where the volume is higher.

Kanye, 44, launched the 27-track record on to streaming services after a number of promotional events that did not culminate in the release of new music.

The album, which was initially promised a year ago and has suffered multiple delays, features material from controversial figures Marilyn Manson and DaBaby.

West had said the record would arrive in July, then spent time living at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, where he had held a listening party, while working on completing the record.

At the most recent listening event in Chicago, his estranged wife made a show-stealing cameo, emerging from the audience in a wedding dress months after filing for divorce from the rapper.

After whispers that it signified a vow renewal, a source has confirmed the pair are not getting back together, telling E! News: "The wedding dress was symbolic of their relationship and for the song.

"It was not a vow renewal. There is still so much love between the two, but they aren't reconciling."

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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