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Foo Fighters Pull Man Dressed As Freddie Mercury On Stage During Queen Cover

Foo Fighters Pull Man Dressed As Freddie Mercury On Stage During Queen Cover

He absolutely slayed 'Under Pressure' in front of 60,000 screaming fans.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The Foo Fighters have been around for more than two decades, delivering banger after banger to their adoring fans.

They're one of those bands that produce fantastic music, but seeing them live is a different experience altogether.

The band is no stranger to pulling people on stage for a sing-a-long and they certainly delivered at Leeds Festival.

Taylor Hawkins is known to pump out the odd Queen cover from time to time and he decided to add this to their set list for the UK festival. However, they were probably shocked to see someone dressed as Freddie Mercury, complete with the bright yellow jacket.

The band pulled the up the bloke, named Ryan, before they rocked out to 'Under Pressure'.

Despite losing his voice, they allowed him to just pretend he was Freddie Mercury reincarnated. Ryan did pretty well, even though he looked like he was exhausted from a weekend long festival.

It seems like he was a fan favourite with the crowd, both in the flesh and online.

Stephen Jones/YouTube

One person commented on a YouTube video of the moment, saying: "Ryan was incredible! We were there! Forever famous. Lucky bastard got a hug from each of the band!"

Another added: "Was there last night he was absolutely amazing."

A third wrote: "Love the idea that matey that went on stage with @foofighters dressed as Freddie Mercury at @OfficialRandL #LeedsFestival last night, woke up this morning like 'Lads... no more ket for me today please. I had the weirdest fucking dream last night'."

While that was pretty impressive, it doesn't top the time the band brought on a 10-year-old kid to help them perform a cover of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'.

In footage filmed by fan Brian Gittings, you can see Grohl ask the kid, who's called Collier, if he knows how to play the guitar.

Turns out he does - which means Grohl then asks him what songs he knows. Collier replies: "I know a lot of Metallica songs."

And so begins a seriously epic collab between the Foos and young Collier, who breaks into the opening riff before the rest of the band kicks in. Yeeeeeeeesh. What a little dude.

Many YouTubers commented on the video to congratulate the kid on what really was a sterling performance. One person wrote: "I love how that kid just immediately owned the stage."

Another added: "What a little rockstar walking up and down the stage like that haha, what a legend."

That's why we love the Foo Fighters.

Featured Image Credit: Stephen Jones/YouTube

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