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Jessie J Has Turned Up On A Chinese TV Talent Show

Jessie J Has Turned Up On A Chinese TV Talent Show

The Do It Like A Dude and Price Tag singer rocked up on the Chinese talent show Singer to perform the Whitney Houston classic I Am Nothing

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

As an award-winning pop singer, you'd think that Jessie J is a bit past the stage of going on a talent show to earn her fame. Hell, she's even had the experience of judging one, as she did on the first two series of The Voice UK.


Credit: The Singer/YouTube

It's weird, then, for us to have discovered that the long-established pop icon has turned up as a contestant on the latest series of Chinese talent show Singer.

A remake of the reality show I Am A Singer, which started in South Korea, Singer is unusual in setting up pop stars to compete for audience approval rather than celebs picking randos off the street. Interesting concept.

In the last episode of the Hunan TV programme, Jessie J faced off against Taiwanese singers Sam Lee and Angela Chang, and Chinese rocker Wang Feng, having to pick a song to sing that wasn't her own. Aren't most of these shows just glorified kareoke anyway?

The Singer/YouTube

Jessie plumped for the classic Whitney Houston song I Have Nothing, even managing to get the obligatory sob story out of it by saying she chose the song because she, er, stayed in the same hotel as Whitney when she died. Bit of a stretch, that, Jessie.

"Whitney Houston is someone I look up to," Jessie began. "Unfortunately I was in the same hotel when she passed, and I want the Chinese audience and everyone else who is going to see it around the world to know, one how much I love Whitney Houston and two, to see how hard I push myself vocally.

"I want to celebrate her. Taking on a Whitney song, you never know what's going to happen, so I think I'm nervous about hitting all of the notes."

Jessie did a decent job with the song, to be fair, winning that round - not bad for the programme's first ever Anglo-American contestant. That said, given the Brit and Mobo awards she's won, it would have been hilarious if she hadn't.

The Singer/YouTube

Strangely, Jessie hasn't made a song and dance about her Singer stint at all back in the UK - weird, given that it was a big international telly appearance.

Then again, her fourth album R.O.S.E. is due out this year, so maybe Jessie just did this show as a refresher.

If you're going to sing in public for the first time in a year or two, might as well do it somewhere none of your fans will see you, I guess. Doing it in the shower probably would have been easier though.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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