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Lewis Capaldi Borrows LAD's Guitar To Play Oasis Song At Festival Campsite

Lewis Capaldi Borrows LAD's Guitar To Play Oasis Song At Festival Campsite

Capaldi even dedicated the song to his ‘favourite person' Noel Gallagher

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

This summer's festival season is still only young, but singer Lewis Capaldi has been busy making sure his gets off to a strong start - not only busting out his hits to huge crowds across the country, but also finding time between his sets to treat unsuspecting fans to some pretty incredible impromptu performances.

Just two weeks after he was trolling Noel Gallagher during his set at Glastonbury, Capaldi popped up again in Gloucester at Barn on the Farm festival, where he decided to use a festival-goer's guitar to have a stab at an Oasis classic before moving on to his own material.

According to Emma Lipscombe, a student from Kent who was there to witness the special moment, Capaldi even dedicated the song to Noel Gallagher, who he cheekily referred to as his 'favourite person'.

Emma, 21, told LADbible: "There was a small group of people at the tent next to us singing along to a boy on his guitar. However the lad could only seem to play 'Wonderwall' or 'Teenage Dirtbag' so we had that on repeat for a very long time.

"Next thing is, I spot Lewis Capaldi with his entourage and a beer in his hand walking down the campsite path next to our tent.

Emma, left, with Lewis Capaldi.

"I didn't catch the conversation with the boy with the guitar, but it looked as though Lewis was showing him how it was properly done.

"He then started playing 'Don't Look Back In Anger' by Oasis, where he shouted at the beginning 'This is a song from my favourite person, my dad, Noel Gallagher!', in reference to his Glastonbury performance."

Emma said Capaldi then went on to sing his own song, 'Someone You Loved', but as the news travelled around the campsite it wasn't long before the crowd began to grow bigger and she and her pals decided to leave to give him some space.

Emma continued: "Everyone was loving it! I don't think anyone could quite believe what they were witnessing.

"It got way too busy at the end and Lewis was getting quite squished as word spread around the campsite with people pushing to get to the front."

The Scottish star sang an Oasis classic along with one of his own hits.

In spite of that, she said it was an incredible moment to experience, adding: "Honestly could not believe what was happening. And how lucky we were that our tent was right there so we were in the middle of the action!"

That also wasn't the only time Emma and her friends spotted the Scottish star working the crowds, having spotted him earlier that day engaging with fans.

"We did see him earlier on in the day walking around the stages, and he was very friendly and offering pictures and a chat to anyone who wanted one," she said.

"We got a picture with him and he took a funny video with my friend Jonny wishing his mum a happy birthday.

"Couldn't be a more decent lad."

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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