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Lewis Capaldi Reveals That 'Someone You Loved' Was Inspired By His Late Gran

Lewis Capaldi Reveals That 'Someone You Loved' Was Inspired By His Late Gran

Lewis Capaldi has revealed that his song 'Someone You Loved' was inspired by his late gran rather than an ex-partner.

In an interview with Australian music channel, [V], the 23-year-old explained: "The song is not about a lady like who I was in a romantic relationship with... it's about my grandmother. Who is dead. F**k."

Yep, the lyric 'this all or nothing way of loving got me sleeping without you' was sung in tribute to the 23-year-old's grandmother... and we're not here to judge anyone's sleeping arrangements.


He continued: "She died a few years ago. Your classic death. You know what I mean, not coming back, sorta thing.

"I thought the album was finished, and I had this little like thing in my head like 'oh you could try just doing one more', and I did try and do one more for like three months and nothing was coming.

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"Then one day I sat at my at my piano after the death and I sat down and I started messing around a stuff - that's why the piano part's so simple because I can't play anything else.

"I got all the melodies down for it and then I couldn't think of any lyrics so I was like 'oh well, I'll just wait for the second album,' and I'd put it on the second album."


He went on, very honestly: "Thank f**k I never did that because my career would have been an absolute f**king tail spin. I would have flopped hard and then I went into a session with friends of mine called TMS and a guy called Romans.

"I was like 'I've got this but I can't write another heartbreak ballad,' and as fortune has it my gran had just died. They said: 'Have you lost anybody?' and I says: 'Just the ticket. My gran's dead'." What a guy.

Fans found the one minute 20 second clip absolute gold with many even realising what sort of material they could've released off the back of a relative's death...

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