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Lewis Capaldi Halts Gig As Fight Breaks Out Among Audience

Lewis Capaldi Halts Gig As Fight Breaks Out Among Audience

The 23-year-old singer was in the middle of belting out 'Hold Me While You Wait' when the brawl broke out

Lewis Capaldi had to put his own gig on hold as 'around 15' fans started scrapping part way through his song 'Hold Me While You Wait'.

The 23-year-old was heard shouting 'f**k me' into the microphone as the brawl ensued in a first floor stall, which was apparently next to where Capaldi's parents were sitting.

Speaking to LADbible, Chloe Bartlett, who was at the gig, said: "He stopped singing and everyone looked round after him saying there was a fight.

"It was in the stall (first floor) next to where his mum and dad were sitting and it was between around 15 people. When we looked over, the whole stall was trying to break it up but there was one guy punching this girl, and when the security guard went over he got smacked right in the face too and next thing, everyone was fighting.

"Not sure why it started but it lasted a good five or ten minutes from when Lewis stopped singing to the guys getting escorted out."

The fight was between around 15 people.

She added: "Lewis was making funny comments to it all as he does. Saying 'who fights at a Lewis Capaldi concert' and 'who thinks to throw a punch in the middle of a depressing song like 'Bruises'?'"

This wasn't the first drama of the night, according to Chloe, as she went on: "There was a fight earlier on in the standing area where we were too - Lewis was talking and someone shouted 'fight' from the stall above and this woman was hanging over the rail, watching and shouting.

"Lewis had to shout security to sort it out, think that one was only between two people though and they were taken out straight away as they were right next to the door.

"When he noticed the big fight he was like 'f**k me, there's a fight, what the f**k's going on here, OMG' and then later once it was all over he said 'see that c**t, don't be that c**t'".

LADbible has contacted Lewis Capaldi for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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