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Lewis Capaldi Wants To Show Off 'Glistening Abs' After Lockdown

Lewis Capaldi Wants To Show Off 'Glistening Abs' After Lockdown

The singer says he's going to walk around topless and covered in baby oil

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Lewis Capaldi will be spending some of his lockdown time working out - so that once this is over, he can walk around topless all the time. It's good to have a goal, I think.

The singer recently told The Mirror he had splashed out on some fancy equipment to get in shape and wants to get 'washboard abs'.


"I've just bought a Peloton," he told the Mirror. "The thing you do spin classes on.

"When I finish my quarantine exercising and we're back into the world, I'm going to walk around with my top off all the time drenched in baby oil.

"My abs are going to be glistening." That's something for us all to look forward to later in 2020, eh?

Joking aside, Capaldi also opened up about his mental health during lockdown, saying that he has been 'pretty bad'. He told the newspaper: "It's a very strange time. It's just not knowing where the end is.

"I kind of feel like there is no end in sight at the minute. My anxiety is quite high, but we soldier on."

Earlier this month, Capaldi shared a message of support for those working on the front line during the coronavirus outbreak, while also encouraging fans to 'try and stay as strong as possible'.

Speaking during iHeartRadio's First Responder Friday, Capaldi said: "A huge thank you to the first responders around the world for everything that they've been doing. And not only at this kinda crazy, tumultuous time, but in general. You're incredible, so thank you very, very much."

Before adding: "To everyone at home, I know this is very, very weird, and I have absolutely no clue how to deal with it, but all I can say is try and stay as strong as possible, and just try and get through it, and hopefully this is over as soon as possible.

"But, in the meantime, just stay safe, stay inside, and if you think one of your family and friends might be struggling, reach out and have a chat with them. Because it's important that we try and help our loved ones through this."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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