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Machine Gun Kelly Tells Eminem He 'Missed' With Diss Track 'Killshot'

Machine Gun Kelly Tells Eminem He 'Missed' With Diss Track 'Killshot'

They've been embroiled in a long running feud and now MGK has laughed off Eminem's new diss track saying that Slim Shady 'missed'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Yesterday we uttered the dreaded words 'until next time'... it was guaranteed that there was something more to come from the Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly saga, with no let-up on the horizon.

And lo and behold, here we are. Already.

In a nutshell, MGK has informed Eminem that he 'missed' when he aimed pointed diss track 'Killshot' at his young rival. OWCH.

Need a little back story? This beef (SO. MUCH. BEEF) all started when 28-year-old Machine Gun Kelly (real name Richard Baker) called Em's daughter Hailie 'hot as fuck' back in 2012.

Protective pops, Eminem.

Slim Shady didn't let it go and rapped about him on his new surprise album Kamikaze. Then, a pretty brave (or pretty senseless) MGK, hit back in some sort of diss track ping-pong battle.

The young rapper dissed Em's beard, spoke of his dislike towards his sweatsuits and laughed about the fact he's taller than his elder counterpart. Maturity levels are going through the roof here, guys.

Eminem did an interview with Sway Colloway where he addressed the fact that he's 'gotta answer this motherfucker'. And answer he did because he went on to release 'Killshot'. His most up-to-date diss track targeted solely at MGK.

He asked him about his cereal choices, criticises his man-bun and told him to 'lick a ballsack'. Yes, things escalated pretty quickly.

Iggy Azalea and 50 Cent jumped on the bandwagon at one point and we discovered that producer, Ronny J, had worked with both of the rappers on their diss tracks.

Now, MGK has hit back again - he just isn't up for throwing in the towel, is he?

In an Instagram post, MGK posted a picture from a recent gig on Fall Out Boy's MANIA tour at the Amway Centre in Orlando, Florida. He paired goat, devil, knife and target emojis with the simple message 'he missed'.

In the pictures he can be seen standing with his back to the crowd, flipping the bird at the camera with the final picture being his song 'Rap Devil' being at number one on iTunes.

According to TMZ, he also told the crowd: "Fuck Marshall Mathers," before taking aim at Eminem's age screaming: "The real Slim Shady can't stand up." Oooooh.

MGK's tour will see him travel the US in the coming weeks. He will visit Missouri, Texas, Vegas but he will steer clear of Em's hometown of Detroit.

The only thing that could make this shit better would be Jezza Kyle stood between the two men.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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