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Machine Gun Kelly Rips Eminem On Twitter For Refusing To Perform Diss Track

Machine Gun Kelly Rips Eminem On Twitter For Refusing To Perform Diss Track

Here we go again.

It's been months since we've even thought about that bizarre saga that was the Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly feud.

But like a bad song that won't get out of your head, the pair just don't seem to want to let this one go.

This week, the 28-year-old rapper called out Marshall Mathers for refusing to perform his diss track 'Killshot' during a Brisbane show, despite the crowd's unrelenting requests. That said, Em did take the time to make a few choice comments about MGK - clearly they still have some shots left in them.


When asked to perform the track, Eminem told the crowd: "I would, but I can't give that c**ksucker any more fucking light.

"Brisbane, did y'all enjoy your fucking selves tonight? Brisbane, thank you, family, for making us feel like family. Y'all are family and we love you. Brisbane, make it home safe and make nothing for MGK."

Roasted. MGK responded the following day with a tweet that read: "@Eminem u made the right decision not dropping that weak ass song in concert and putting everyone to sleep."

And so the beef continues.

For those who weren't following the first time round, the two rappers were embroiled in an ongoing feud in autumn last year after Eminem dropped his diss-album Kamikaze, in which he fired shots as numerous people, one of them being MGK for comments he'd made about Em's daughter Hayley back in 2012. These guys know how to hold grudges.

What resulted was a social media war of words, two massively viral diss tracks - Em's 'Killshot' and MGK's 'Rap Devil' - and some rather speculative fan theories.

Machine Gun Kelly.

One of those theories was that this whole thing was just a publicity stunt - after all, both songs went insanely viral, racking up millions of views and making hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. But, you know, that's just speculation...

Anyway, the fight may be over for now. But if these recent comments are anything to go by, both of them are desperate to have the last word.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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