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Model Who Twerked On DJ Khaled's Instagram Live Has Spoken Out

Model Who Twerked On DJ Khaled's Instagram Live Has Spoken Out

Khaled wasn't best pleased with the whole thing

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A model who caused embarrassment to musician and producer DJ Khaled by twerking and pouring water all over herself on an Instagram Live stream has spoken out after the incident went viral.

If you've not seen it yet, here's the video.

If you're not across this, basically Khaled wasn't happy when what was supposed to be a family friendly chat between himself and fellow high-profile record producer Timbaland turned into something a bit more - let's say - risqué, when the woman, now identified as model Sophia James, started doing some dancing.

After the fact, James has now told The Shade Room that it was nothing more than a big misunderstanding.

Khaled was obviously taken aback.

She said: "I respect DJ Khaled and his beautiful wife and family.

"I'm more than sure to bank his marriage is stronger than an IG live video gone viral."

During the Q&A, which is sort of like Khaled's answer to Tory Lanez's incredibly popular (and slightly less PG friendly) Quarantine Radio, the popular DJ could be seen looking altogether embarrassed and covering his eyes when James appeared on the screen shaking her thing.

The 44-year-old producer - who is really called Khaled Mohamed Khaled - spotted the model appearing on the screen wearing nothing but a bikini and some shorts.

He'd only asked for fans to get involved with the chat, but had clearly bitten off more than he could chew as he exclaimed: "Oh s***! Oh s***!".

As it became clear what she was up to, he said: "No, no! Don't do that!"

He pleaded for her to stop.

That's when she went to get the water bottle and poured it all over herself, as Khaled's protestations clearly fell on deaf ears.

The father of two children - with his wife, Nicole Tuck - kept on: "No, it's all love. I've got a family, I've got love!"

He added: "Just talk to me normal. Talk to me normal. Don't do that."

Eventually he was forced to cut the woman off, saying: "Nah, I can't. I can't."

He then shared on his Instagram page: "I have love for everyone please take it easy when I'm on fan luv ig luv. Again I have love for everyone please lets be respectful nothing but love BLESS UP."

One amused fan wrote: "This girl thought she was on Quarantine Radio."

Another said: "This is hilarious."

Khaled and his two kids.

A third wrote: "Smart man bro, don't want the wife upset during lockdown."

Even rapper Snoop Dogg expressed his amusement, reacting with a load of cry-laughing emojis.

Hey, if you want to see the whole thing - without the twerking - you can over at DJ Khaled's Instagram page.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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