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Plan B Looks A Completely Different Person On 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

Plan B Looks A Completely Different Person On 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

Bloody hell, Plan B has changed a bit. As in a lot. That was our first reaction when we saw him for the first time this summer after five years away.

Now photographed as a guest artist on The Jonathan Ross Show, the 'She Said' singer's personal transformation is even clearer as he looks slim with a new blonde hairdo. Fair play to him.


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The 34-year-old, whose real name is Ben Drew, slimmed himself down by eating tons of vegetables, lean meat and his beloved prawns.

"You see pictures of me at the Ivor Novello awards, I mean, fucking hell, I looked ill," the singer told the Guardian when he finally returned to the limelight this summer. "I was so overweight, and to deal with the workload, I was getting through a bottle of JD a night.

"Then you fancy a bag of crisps, or a bit of ice cream - and it wasn't a problem before, but it is now, because of all the calories you're putting in yourself with the drink."


Looking tidy in a blazer, black tee and chinos, Drew looks a world away from the man who first found himself in the public eye in 2005.

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Joining him on the couch with Jonathan Ross will be the legendary singer Tina Turner, The Incredible Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield, BBC presenter Clare Balding and the comedian Katherine Ryan.

Plan B has returned to the circuit to drum up support for his upcoming album, which will be called Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose.

The album will be released in April 2018 and is said to feature a number of guest collaborators so we're excited to hear it.

The first we saw of Plan B's new looks and tunes came in preparation for a special comeback gig at Shakespeare's Globe in London he performed this past July.

After posting a photo on Twitter of him signing posters ahead of the gig, people were shocked at his new appearance.

"Who are you? And what have you done with Plan B?" one commenter said.

'Who've you come as? Draco Malfoy?', another joker added, in a slightly cruel reference to Harry Potter's rival.

Even if Plan B looks nothing like his old self, so long as the new songs are just as brilliant no one will give a monkey's.

Words: Chris Ogden

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Plan B Looks A Completely Different Person On 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

Plan B Looks A Completely Different Person On 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

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