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Post Malone Used A Rap Name Generator To Create His Name

Post Malone Used A Rap Name Generator To Create His Name

The 25 year-old rapper and actor revealed in a new clip that he couldn't think of anything so chose Post Malone at random

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

Some artists spend an age thinking of a deep and personal stage name to use; for Post Malone, he used a rap name generator that he found on the internet.

The 25 year-old rapper who shot to fame in his late teens, confessed to the random nature of his moniker in a video interview with Vice, admitting that while he was in school he simply put his real name of Austin Post into the generator and got the now the iconic pseudonym of Post Malone back out.


"I was looking for a name because I already had all these songs done," he said.

"I was looking for a name and I couldn't think of anything, so I put my name in a rap name generator and it said Post Malone and that's where it is.

"It's just stuck."

The clip has been shared on Reddit and immediately its users have headed off to The Rap Name Generator themselves to see what they might be called for their potentially successful career in hip hop.

So if you hear from the likes of Inspectah Splendid, Big Tank, Fiva Five or Butters Shutters in the future, know that they too most likely got their name the same way that Posty did.

The rapper was freshly back in the spotlight recently after appearing in the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial at the beginning of the month, alongside Cedric The Entertainer and others.

Malone hasn't put out a new album since 2019's Hollywood's Bleeding, instead turning his attention to film - including roles in Spenser Confidential and the upcoming Guy Ritchie action thriller Wrath of Man.

However, that hasn't stopped journalists from recently asking him who he might want to collaborate with in the future musically, and though he did mention Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold - having met him recently - there was one name he politely declined.

According to Complex, Malone was asked outside the Nice Guy in west Hollywood if he'd consider working with 6ix9ine. He replied: "Would I? Chances are, no."


Something he is collaborating on, though, is Pokémon Day which, on February 27 will celebrate the long-running game franchise with a special virtual concert, with Malone lined up to perform.

According to Billboard, Post still has a Gameboy Color just so he can play the original Pokémon games, and he said "I've been a fan for such a long time, kind of grew up with it.

"Celebrating 25 years is a big deal, so we decided to do it together."

Using a Pokémon's name for a rap moniker. Now there's an idea.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Postmalone

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