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Robbie Williams Has Recorded A Christmas Song With Tyson Fury

Robbie Williams Has Recorded A Christmas Song With Tyson Fury

The song, called 'Bad Sharon', is about a 'boozy office party somewhere in the Midlands'

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Robbie Williams has teamed up with Tyson Fury to record a Christmas song that they hope will propel them to the top of the festive charts.

Yes, that's correct, former world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury is to appear alongside former Take That singer Robbie Williams to sing a song about a Christmas party.

Not just any Christmas party, either. The song, which is called 'Bad Sharon' tells the tale of a 'boozy office party somewhere in the Midlands' according to Williams.

Robbie also said that his collaboration with the soon-to-be WWE Superstar 'makes sense in some universe'.

Robbie hopes his Christmas album will 'annoy' fans.

Well, while that may be true, it's probably not this universe, is it?

So, how did this idea even come about?

Robbie told the Daily Mirror: "I've got a residency in Vegas and while I was out there Tyson was fighting and he invited me to his dressing room before the fight. I said I'd seen him sing after fights, and asked him and he said yes."

True, Tyson does sing sometimes after his fights, but that doesn't mean that he sings well.

'Bad Sharon' will feature on Williams' forthcoming album The Christmas Present, which also features such luminaries as Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams.

Tyson is due to fight in WWE later this year.

According to Robbie, as soon as he heard the track, Tyson seemed the obvious choice of collaborator.

He continued: "It made sense for Tyson in that moment in my head.

"He smashed it."

So, after the decision was made, Tyson managed to go away and record his parts for the song before they were combined via studio wizardry at a later date.

Since then, Tyson has agreed to go away to Saudi Arabia and fight against Braun Strowman in the WWE ring, so it's going to be a big few months for him.

He's been known to sing after fights, too.

As for Robbie, he's hoping that his new album - which combines collaborations, covers and new Christmas material - will land him the festive top spot in the album charts.

The Christmas Present will be available from 22 November and, when asked whether he reckons it'll hit the summit, Robbie responded: "That's the big hope.

"That's the reason I've been involving myself in this passion project for the past three years."

He also hopes that the songs on the album will 'annoy you all for the rest of your life'.

Well, we probably don't need to worry about 'Bad Sharon' on that front.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Paris Fury

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