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Robbie Williams Responds To The Hand Sanitiser Shit Storm

Robbie Williams Responds To The Hand Sanitiser Shit Storm

Let's be honest, for the most part, Robbie Williams is a bit of a douche. If it hadn't been for 'Angels' or 'She's The One', his existence as a public figure would have been a complete waste of time.

That being said, fair play to him, he's managed to survive as a celeb through a lot. But we can't just forget that he sang his own song to his missus while she gave birth. That shit will never go away.

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Another thing that probably won't be forgotten is the time he brought in the New Year by being disgusted by fans who touched him.

The former Take That man looked pretty miffed that he'd come into contact with people in the crowd as he performed, prompting him to go straight for the hand sanitiser he had on stage. Sanitiser? On stage? Rock 'n' fuckin' roll.

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He's now replied on Instagram to the media shit storm that the moment created.

According to Digital Spy, the hand sanitiser gaffe is actually a gag that Robbie frequently brings out, so he's not too fussed about what people are saying.

The star was having a 'family fun day', and set up one of his relatives to shake his hand and wish him happy New Year as he talked about his resolution to give up smoking.


As they walk off, he then recreated the moment and washed his hands, pulling the same grimacing face he pulled on the TV.

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