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Someone Discovered Aitch's Childhood Twitter Account And It's Hilarious

Someone Discovered Aitch's Childhood Twitter Account And It's Hilarious

In the internet age, this could happen to anyone...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

In this ever more connected and online world, a worry that must affect younger folk more than the older generations is the trail that one leaves behind on the internet.

Of course, people are always getting themselves into trouble retrospectively over things that they've said years ago. Then there's the curious case of the childhood social media account - see footballer Aaron Ramsey's old Bebo account, or Dele Alli's old Myspace photographs. Cringeworthy as hell.

We've all got an online footprint, though. It's just that most of us aren't making a career out of trying to be cool. Like, say, breakthrough rapper Aitch.

Yes, the Mancunian rapper is making waves of late, but that doesn't mean that he's been back to delete his childhood Twitter account.

The 'Taste (Make It Shake)' rapper was only a wee boy at the time, but his old Twitter still sits there to remind everyone that before he was a musician with three top 20 singles since June, he was just a kid who felt that everyone wanted to know stuff like - say - what he had for dinner, or how much he hated school.

The account includes such classics as "Someone needs to have a party!!" and "Form [his school class, we assume] is so s***".

Anyway, in case you're wondering, Aitch is a rapper from New Moston in Manchester. His real name is Harrison (hence the Aitch, perhaps?) and he's been taking the UK rap scene by storm.

Cutting his teeth in freestyling, he's gained a lot of fans thanks to his catchy style that blends humour with some more serious themes.

He signed with Manchester based label Northern Quarterz a while back and his first track 'Straight Rhymez' gained more than 12 million views on YouTube.

That brought him to the attention of UK rap's big boss, Stormzy.

Since then, he's performed with Bugzy Malone, Young T, and - allegedly - was spotted performing with Ed Sheeran recently.

Between that and helping to unveil the new Manchester United kit, which must have been a gas given that a lot of his childhood tweets centre around the Red Devils, it's been something of a meteoric rise for the young lad from North Manchester.

Let's just hope that as he becomes bigger, he remembers to at least pay someone to go back and delete his childhood social media accounts.

Hey, it could happen to us all, though.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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