Ireland Will Go Back Into Highest Level Lockdown For Six Weeks After Covid-19 Outbreak
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The Flaming Lips Held A Socially Distanced 'Bubble' Gig

The Flaming Lips Held A Socially Distanced 'Bubble' Gig

The Flaming Lips held a socially distanced gig with the band and fans all encased inside separate bubbles.

Is it just me or does that look like loads of fun?

Fans at The Criterion in Oklahoma City were treated to two songs from the band's new album American Head.


Footage from the concert, which will also be used in a new music video for the band, shows people inside 100 inflatable balls.

The idea for the bubbles came from a sketch by The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, according to CNN.


Speaking to the news outlet he said: "I did a little drawing... where I drew a picture of The Flaming Lips doing a show in 2019. And I'm the only person in the space bubble, and everybody else is just normal.

"Then [another drawing with] The Flaming Lips playing a show in 2020. The exact same scenario, but I'm in a bubble, and so is everybody else."

Coyne went on to say he didn't expect the coroanvirus to be around long enough to see his little idea come to life.

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"I don't think anybody would have thought, in the middle of March, that this is still going to be going, you know, eight months later.

"I think we all thought this is a month, this is maybe two months, but we're going to get a handle on this," he said.

Coyne shared photos and footage of the bubbles on his Instagram page.

In one shot, you can see the deflated spheres ready and waiting for fans to hop into them.


When asked if he thought this could represent the future of gig-going for The Flaming Lips fans, at least for the time being, Coyne said: "I'm willing to do everything I can, you know, to say, I think we could do this, and this would be absolutely safe."

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Before adding that he thinks 'it could be cool. It could be fun. And we could all have a, you know, a crazy unique experience'.


You can say that again.

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