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You've Been Listening To James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' All Wrong

Michael Minay

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You've Been Listening To James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' All Wrong

"My life is brilliant, my love is pure, I saw an angel, of that I'm sure."

The opening lines of James Blunt's classic, 'You're Beautiful'.

In fact, really, it's the only one we know him for. Still it's done him no harm, he's now worth an estimated £14 million.

And just to make you feel old, that song was released in 2004.


Everyone believes it's that romantic song. The song where a guy sees a girl on the underground (subway, if you're American, and metro, if you're European) and falls in love with her instantly.

"She smiled at me on the subway, she was with another man, but I won't lose no sleep on that, cos I've got a plan."

At this point, everyone grabs hold of their partner and sings lovingly towards them.

"These people are fucked up," Blunt recently told The Huffington Post.


Wait, what?! Come on, James, you sang this for all the soft romantics out there...

"You get labelled with these things like, 'Oh, James Blunt. Isn't he just a soft romantic?' Well, fuck that. No, I'm not," he added.

Then he got down to explaining just what the song is about.


Credit: PA

"It's about a guy who's high as a fucking kite on drugs in the subway stalking someone else's girlfriend when that guy is there in front of him.

"He should be locked up or put in prison for being some kind of perv," he said.

Wow. Romantic thoughts, shattered. Cheers, James.


He's already shattered one belief that we had by stating that Ed Sheeran and himself created fake news about Princess Beatrice slicing open Sheeran's face with a sword.

The king of fake news, and the king of twitter too.

He later confessed that he was 'really lucky' to be able to sing a song that people love.

"But too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing eventually," he added. "It got a lot of airplay... I love hamburgers, but if you give me a hamburger for every meal I'm gonna tire of it.


"Is it an annoying song? No, it's not, unless it's shoved down your fucking throat a shitload."

But he won't stop singing it at concerts - despite his fifth album, 'Afterlove', being close to release. After admitting that dismissing it would be disrespectful to fans.

The new album is all about him opening up to new feelings, and he says it doesn't sound anything like his new music.

Let's face it, this won't be the first, or the last, time that we misunderstand a song. Take it away, Peter.

Credit: Your Entertainment / Youtube

Maybe we are better off sticking with believing that 'You're Beautiful' is a romantic love song after all.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Michael Minay
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