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Maya Jama Says Swollen Head Has Left Her 'Feeling Like An Egg'

Maya Jama Says Swollen Head Has Left Her 'Feeling Like An Egg'

While most of us would panic if we woke up and our face was three times the size it should be, Maya Jama is taking it on the chin(s).

The Radio One DJ recently posted photographs of her swollen head on social media - and though it's not clear whether it is due to mumps or not, she is keeping fans informed of her progress with some light-hearted posts.


Revealing her changing appearance on Twitter, the 25-year-old wrote: "Happy Valentine's Day! I've woken up with half a swollen face, incredible scene."

Then, showing the full extent of the situation, she shared before and after snaps to Instagram, with the caption: "On the latest episode of "LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST" Swell head volume 1.. it's day 2 of being house bound, my head is round as fuck and i'm so bored I've downloaded the love island game.

"My friend text me 'sometimes life forces us to calm down' and I'm mad because this weekend was meant to be a turn up but life said sit your swollen ass down."

In a later post of her lying on the sofa, Maya wrote: "Update : still no conformation if it's mumps or a swollen gland but I can confirm I look fucking hilarious. Have to laugh or il cry."


And while some fans were trying to comfort her during her hour of need, others weren't quite as kind.

Commenting on her snaps on Twitter, one follower quipped: "You look like an egg in the second picture."

But the television presenter wasn't letting it get her down, joking: "I feel like one."

Earlier this month, Maya Jama hit the headlines after a bizarre video started doing the rounds on TikTok, from a fan claiming to be hiding in her toilet.

The video shows the back of a person who isn't Maya Jama walking to the loo with the caption: "Maya Jama walking to her bathroom."

Then it cuts to show a guy under water with the text: "Me hiding in her toilet."

The video was posted on Twitter, with someone rightly guessing that Maya Jama hadn't seen the strange tribute to her, before tagging her in, posting: "@mayajama you seen this?"

She picked up on it, quote-tweeting the user and starting with a cry laughing emoji, writing: "What is going on?"

Obviously taking some time to reflect on the horrors that she'd just witnessed, she replied again: "Sorry I had to re watch that. How do you explain videos like this to your mates?? He ate that pretend poo with the biggest smile and I'm confused/flattered."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Maya Jama

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Maya Jama Says Swollen Head Has Left Her 'Feeling Like An Egg'

Maya Jama Says Swollen Head Has Left Her 'Feeling Like An Egg'

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