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Logan Paul Has Backed Himself To Beat KSI In Three Rounds

Logan Paul Has Backed Himself To Beat KSI In Three Rounds

Here's hoping they both knock seven bells out of each other and then never box again.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

It's the fight that nobody asked for and that no real boxing fans want to see, but Logan Paul is pretty confident that he is going to beat KSI in their farcical bout on August 25th

The two will meet at Manchester Arena at the end of next month, and Logan Paul is backing himself to knock his fellow YouTuber KSI out cold.

Because of course he is.

In fact, he is so sure that he's even betting on himself, which wouldn't ordinarily be allowed in most legitimate sporting contests - but given that this isn't actually a legitimate sporting contest so much as the plaything of two men already rich on the proceeds of fools, it seems as if it's fair game.

He told Charlie Sloth on his Radio 1 show - which will air on Thursday night - that he will be backing himself to the tune of a 'cool million' (whether that's in dollars or pounds is not known, and frankly doesn't matter) to knock London's KSI out in the third round.


So, he's confident. He's also heavier, taller, and has a longer reach than his opponent, so the stats are on his side. If KSI is going to win, it's going to have to be by being a better boxer.

Given that neither of them are actually boxers in the first case, that could go either way.

A lot of people have been criticising the BBC's decision to invite Logan Paul onto Charlie Sloth's show in the first place, given that it's only a year since he posted a ridiculously insensitive video in which he and his giggling band of sidekicks appeared to discover a dead man hanging in Japan's Aokigahara Forest.

The forest, also known as the 'Sea of Trees' is a well-known suicide hotspot.

He attracted a lot of criticism for the stunt. It turns out that intruding into the personal grief of a desperate person - whether it was real or not - is not a great look, especially if you're trying to be a 'funny' and 'cool' YouTube personality for your own personal gain.

Luckily, most people who have their head screwed on know that, and the radio station has been inundated with complaints from people who think he shouldn't be given such a big platform.

One person said: "What have you let this creature have a public platform? Don't encourage people to discuss mental health and then give exposure to a boy who mocked someone's hanging body"


Another added: "I don't pay my #BBC licence 4 #Radio1 to give time to .@LoganPaul who laughed at finding a suicide & then posted it for hits - #poor choice! #shame as there are better vloggers! Disappointed at the stance the #BBC has taken on #mental #health by airing him."

Followed by a thumbs down emoji. The final insult.


Of course, he's got his supporters too. Some people think that he should be given a second chance, and that he should be allowed to appear on Charlie Sloth's show on Thursday night.

One of his defenders said: "I think Logan Paul has changed alot! Not everyone deserves second chances but this guy does. He vlogged his life every single day for a long time, fame, money got to his head. He is learning its not everything. I like the guy."

That was followed by a thumbs up emoji.


Well, if nothing else, it might be worth tuning in to see the fight only to see one, or both of these guys get their head kicked in, or flap their arms around like a pair of angry geese.

Oh, it's pay-per-view? Never mind then.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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