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Rapper Logic's Song '1-800-273-8255' Helped To Reduce Suicides

Rapper Logic's Song '1-800-273-8255' Helped To Reduce Suicides

The title of the song is the number of the US National Suicide Prevention Hotline and calls increased after the rapper released it

Back in April 2017, rapper Logic released a song titled '1-800-273-8255' and it started to save people's lives.

You might wonder how that's possible and it's because the song is the number of the US National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

A study has now assessed changes in daily call volumes during periods of wide scale public attention as a result of Logic releasing the music and found an increase.


The study found that in the 34 day period after the three events with the strongest public attention - the song’s release, the MTV Video Music Awards 2017, and Grammy Awards 2018 - Lifeline received an excess of 9,915 calls.

The cynics amongst us might be thinking they could have just been prank calls or people curious to find out what the number was for.

However, a corresponding model for suicides indicated a reduction over the same period of 245 suicides or 5.5 percent below the expected number of suicides.


In conclusion, the study states: "Logic’s song '1-800-273-8255' was associated with a large increase in calls to Lifeline.

"A reduction in suicides was observed in the periods with the most social media discourse about the song."

The study's author Thomas Niederkrotenthaler, an associate professor in the department of social and preventive medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, told CNN in an email: "Celebrities but also non-celebrities can have an important role in suicide prevention if they communicate about how they have coped with crisis situations and suicidal ideation."

Speaking about the incredible difference he made, Logic - whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II - told the publication: "To know that my music was actually affecting people's lives, truly, that's what inspired me to make the song.

"We did it from a really warm place in our hearts to try to help people. And the fact that it actually did, that blows my mind."

The song follows a young man who is struggling with suicidal thoughts and opts to call the Suicide Prevention number instead of taking his own life.

If you weren't sure about the numbers, the US has different support available to those in the UK. Now you know the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in America, here are some useful numbers for UK readers, should they need them:

MIND: 0300 123 3393.

Samaritans: 116 123.

CALM: Nationwide number 0800 58 58 58.

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