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Fans Think Salt Bae Looks Like Jean-Claude Van Damme In Throwback Picture

Fans Think Salt Bae Looks Like Jean-Claude Van Damme In Throwback Picture

Salt Bae’s recent throwback post on Instagram has gained a lot of attention as fans think he looks like Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Salt Bae’s recent throwback post on Instagram has gained a lot of attention as fans think he looks like Jean-Claude Van Damme.  

Nusret Gökçe, the real name of viral salt-sprinkler and restaurant owner, announced to his followers that the picture was taken 23 years ago.  

Despite the literal decades that have passed since the picture was taken, fans can still see the resemblance to Salt Bae as we know him today, with the image sporting the same Salt Bae-sass with pouted lips and hands on his hips.  

Followers of the ‘gold steak’ social media personality were in quick agreement that the photo bares uncanny resemblance to Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. 


One comment, that received 130 likes read: “Jean claude van dame? Jaja” (Jaja means haha in Spanish - who said you wouldn’t learn something from this article?).

Another user replied: “Exactly, that's who he looks like.” 

However, other social media users have recently been led to believe that his family ancestry may lie elsewhere. 

This comes after a video that surfaced of the internet sensation showing his voice for the first time baffled the general public.  

You can watch the video here: 


After watching this video, instead of comparing Salt Bae to the former ‘Mr Belgium’ bodybuilding champion and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme, Reddit users thought Gökçe was giving more Tommy Wiseau vibes.  

For anyone who doesn’t know the infamous Tommy Wiseau, he is the man famous for writing, producing, directing and starring in the 2003 film The Room, where critics thought he gave one of the worst acting performances in history.  

One user’s scathing comment read: “Tommy Wiseau vibes, but I actually like Tommy Wiseau”.  

Another commented: “Oh Hi Mark,” a reference to the film.  

Tommy Wiseau in The Room, credit: Alamy
Tommy Wiseau in The Room, credit: Alamy

Another user compared him to a low-rate Scarface stating: “He lives his life doing a horrible Scarface impersonation.”  

To be fair to this comparison, both Tony Montana and Salt Bae are known for absolutely raking it in. 

Scarface, credit: Alamy
Scarface, credit: Alamy
 Salt Bae has also recently made headlines for baffling fans with his unique way of washing dishes.  

Apparently, the way to do it is to rub the plate as if it’s your lover, in a slow, sultry, and sensual fashion, before rinsing it off under the tap, letting it dry, before giving it another rub-down with a tea towel. 

Salt Bae washing dishes, credit: Instagram
Salt Bae washing dishes, credit: Instagram

To be fair to Gökçe, the plate did turn out squeaky clean and the rest of his staff did seem overwhelmingly impressed by his efforts.

You can’t help wondering, however, if the dish would have been better off in the dishwasher. 

Featured Image Credit: Salt Bae/Instagram and Alamy

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