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Conor McGregor Made An Outrageous Amount Per Minute On Saturday

Conor McGregor Made An Outrageous Amount Per Minute On Saturday

As expected, despite Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor having finally come face-to-face in the boxing ring, the aftermath of the fight still presents plenty of opportunity to talk about them.

The pair finally got to it in Vegas on Saturday, with the ref stopping the fight in the 10th round, raising Mayweather's hand in victory. The record-breaking fighter later declared the bout his last ever fight, officially retiring with a record of 50-0.

A big factor of the fight, as we all know, was money. Every way you turned there'd be something about the price of the PPV, the cost of tickets, and of course the pair's pay packet.


There was also room for some disappointment, with many quick to point out how unevenly matched they both were, but even after sampling the taste of defeat, McGregor can sleep tight knowing his wallet is bursting at the seams.

BBC Sport reports that it is estimated McGregor will make about $100m (£77.5m) for the time he spent between the ropes, which equals out at roughly $3m (£2.3m) a minute.

Put it this way, the news might make any fans working this Bank Holiday Monday feel less chuffed about their double day.


Despite his first professional boxing match going the wrong way, The Notorious was congratulated for his noble effort.

The first couple of rounds went to the Irishman, and it looked as if he'd been boxing for a long time. Sadly, when you pick a fight with someone as good as Floyd Mayweather, there's usually only one outcome.

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The Irishman managed to piss all over theories that he wouldn't be able to land a single punch, though, landing 111 punches on Mayweather.


This means that only Canelo, with 117, has been able to land more punches on the boxing champ. Impressive.

So, not only did he manage to land 30 more punches than Manny Pacquiao but he also did it in two fewer rounds. In fact, according to stats from Boxing Scene, McGregor was able to land more power punches than Pacquiao was even able to land total punches.

Not bad for a fella up against an undefeated world champion in his first ever professional boxing match.

Speaking about his competitor after the fight, Mayweather said: "He is a tough competitor and I thought we gave the fans what they wanted to see.


"He is a lot better than I thought he was, he used different angles and was a tough competitor but I was the better man tonight.

"Our game-plan was to take our time, let him shoot all his heavy shots early on and then take him down at the end, down the stretch.

"We know in the MMA he fights 25 minutes real hard and after that he starts to slow down. I guaranteed this fight wouldn't go the distance. A win is a win."

If I'm honest, I'm glad it's all over now. It was really dragging on.

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