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Geordie Shore's Aaron Chalmers Gets Involved In Punch-Up Before MMA Fight

Geordie Shore's Aaron Chalmers Gets Involved In Punch-Up Before MMA Fight

They're not even in the ring yet.

The Geordie Shore chaps were known for getting in the odd fight but as one of them prepares to start a career in the ring, his weigh-in almost got things off to a false start.

Aaron Chalmers is about to have his first MMA fight, taking on fellow first-timer Greg Jenkins in Birmingham on Saturday night. They'll be fighting on the Brett McDermott v Ruben Wolf undercard.

But as the two got ready for the classic head-to-head shots, violence spilled out and the two had to be pulled apart.

Credit: Birmingham Mail

There were tensions present prior to the photoshoot but on the stage, it boiled over - boys being boys and all that. A search for a supreme masculinity.

Chalmers, 29, had been weighed-in but then Jenkins marched up to him. The pair then went forehead-to-forehead, trying to get inside the mind of the other.

But then Jenkins gave Chalmers a massive push, which resulted in security guards, as well as members of each fighter's entourage, trying to break the two apart.

Chalmers told the Mail before the weigh-in: "If I didn't think I would win, I wouldn't get in there.

"You could get injured crossing the road. The chances are you're going to get injured - it's a fight. He wants to kill me. I want to kill him."

Credit: Birmingham Mail

The fight will be broadcast on Dave from the Genting Arena and will feature as one of 16 bouts for BAMMA 29.

The headliner on the bill is the UK's Brett 'The Spartan' McDermott and Germany's Ruben 'The Viking' Wolf.

Chalmers has been sharing his gruelling training sessions on Instagram with his two million followers (no doubt he picked a few up from his Geordie Shore days) and has promised to give it his all in the ring.

He said: "My opponent is just a stepping stone that I will stamp on and continue my journey onwards."

Isaac Mayne, head of marketing and promotions for Bierkeller Entertainment Complex, said the bar on Broad Street was excited to be hosting the weigh-in between the Geordie and the Scouser.

"This is one of the world's most exciting sports," he said. "And the atmosphere at these BAMMA promotions is incredible."

Many of the fans of Geordie Shore will undoubtedly be watching, and supporting, Chalmers in his venture, even if they have fallen out of love with the show.

Fans were left furious when favourites Chloe Ferry and Holly Hagan left the show. The original cast members have mostly moved on, and with people not liking change, it has prompted many to question if the show has had its day.

Featured Image Credit: Birmingham Mail

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