LIVE: Anthony Joshua Vs Joseph Parker

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LIVE: Anthony Joshua Vs Joseph Parker

British boxing phenomenon Anthony Joshua is taking on Kiwi fighter Joseph Parker in a heavyweight clash.

Joshua will be putting his WBA and IBF belts on the line up against the WBO champ Parker, with the odds heavily in the Brit's favour.

AJ's professional record stands at 20 wins, 20 knockouts, no losses, but Parker poses his biggest threat to date with a record of 24 wins, 18 knockouts and no losses.



Round 1

Both big these lads, aren't they? Real beefcakes.


As predicted, they're punching each other, because it's a boxing match. Not much else to report, might need a steel chair thrown in to spice things up.

Round 2

Regretting not going to the shop to get snacks, now. If anyone wants to bring us a pack of Doritos, that'd be sound. Joshua still a fucking hench, by the way, throwing punches an that.

The confidence of this fella - he just adjusted his shorts like he was on the bus, not in the middle of a boxing bout. Parker throws a lazy left but his puny arms are too small.


Two rounds to AJ, so far.

Round 3

Four inch reach advantage is boding well for the Brit, as he continually backs up Parker.

Good at fighting this lad, doesn't look like this'll be going to the 12th, the Kiwi looks a little bit fucked.


Those body shots from AJ look a bit mad, don't they? Anyway, they had a small clash of heads, ref checks to see if the Brit's eye is cut. It ain't.

Round 4

Boring that. Any word on them Dozzers?

Round 5


Spicing up a bit here, but looks like an inevitability that the Englishman will bring home the bacon.

On another note, is it actually worth going to the event if you're up in the nose bleeds? Just watch it on the tele, mate.

Round 6

Right, I've got my money on AJ in the sixth, so if it happens I'll buy you all a tequila.

What the fuck just happened? At least they're swinging now.

Best round so far, but I haven't won my bet so I'm putting it down as shite. Parker getting himself back in the running.

Round 7

Carl Froch has it scored 58-56, to AJ, it's looking very interesting.

Joshua lands a few, as well as almost giving the ref one. Anyone rather see that than the actual fight? Parker replies with a few of his own.

Still no Doritos, lazy fuckers.

Round 8

Found some Sensations in the cupboard - sweet chilli - absolute result.

Now just sat on the couch, covered in crumbs, shouting with a mouth full of crisps "right hook 'im, lad!" Having a pleasant evening, I hope you are too.

They keep stopping for a cuddle, on live TV, during a fight. I can't even get a text back.

AJ smells blood in the last 30 seconds, but can't capitalise.

Round 9

Won't even lie to you, I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but I can tell you that these crisps are very moreish. Bit like crack.

AJ just had his gloves re-taped, maybe it'll give him that knock out blow...


Round 10

Earlier prediction about it not going to the 12th is looking astronomically stupid.

Just realised I can get a text back, by the way. Received it about an hour ago, just didn't see it. Turns out I'm the ignorant one.

Parker cut above left eye, but lands a few body shots.

Joshua is letting them go now, but clearly Parker has a chin made of a mixture of metal and wood.

Round 11

AJ a few ahead on points, so will take a lot from the Kiwi to pull this back.

Fiery end to the 11th, looks like we're going to be seeing a decision.

Finished my crisps.

Round 12

Froch has AJ six ahead on points, can't see many complaints with that.

More of the same, to be honest. Parker needs to go for it if he wants the win.

It's over. Verdict: Shite fight. AJ goes the distance for the first time in his pro career.

Jess Hardiman

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