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Throwback To The Time Ronnie O'Sullivan Purposely Scored A 146

Throwback To The Time Ronnie O'Sullivan Purposely Scored A 146

He's 41 today.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

To many people, snooker is an infinitely boring game, tailored to the retired as they sip on pints of John Smiths, complaining about the world.

Others recognise the brilliance of the 'sport', and the rest, well, they just like Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Rocket Ronnie, who has just been involved in a great final of the UK Championships at the Barbican, finishing second to the Jester from Leicester, Mark Selby, has gone a long way to make the sport entertaining due to the fact he could pot the black with a blindfold on and one hand tied behind his back. And it doesn't matter whether this is right or left handed. More importantly, though, he makes a point of purposely not scoring a 147 break to protest against the money bonus.

To understand, you really need to know the skill required to score a 147. To do so you have to pot all 15 reds, with each one being followed by the black. This will land 120 points. To then get the next 27 points to achieve a 'maximum', you have to pot the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and finally the black.

Given how hard it is to do, Ronnie often takes offence at the low figure award for achieving it. So, from time to time, he ducks out at 146...

Credit: BBC

Earlier this year at the Welsh Open, the winning prize for a 147 was £10,000, an amount of money he found pretty insulting.

Playing Barry Pinches, after having a bit of banter with the commentators regarding the prize, Ronnie purposely pots a red, leaving the white behind the pink, rather than the black. To the surprise of the stunned, silent audience, he sinks the former, subsequently making his highest possible score 146.

There's not much controversy in snooker, and an awful lot of the time there's not much excitement. Rocket is pretty much the closest you can get to rock 'n roll snooker.

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