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Floyd Mayweather Has Picked His Punch With Latest Insult On McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Has Picked His Punch With Latest Insult On McGregor

It's almost time...

After all the talk, all the insults, all the social media posts and all the hype, we're just one week away from watching Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather go at it in the ring.

Since the bout was announced, which feels like years ago now, the pair have been verbally jousting at promo events and on social media. One thing's for sure, while the Irishman is on the mic, there's no chance of Mayweather beating him.

But that doesn't mean to say that the former boxer isn't producing well placed jabs at The Notorious, which rather poetically might be the key to winning the physical fight in the ring.

Recent comments might be the most pungent, as he's commented on the amount of time the UFC man is spending on conditioning.

"He can do all the crazy training he wants. All the water works, the bike-riding, all the stuff he wants... I can fucking fight, no matter what," Mayweather told Showtime.

The comments hold more of a punch than you might first think, as Floyd's appearing to claim that no amount of training can prepare McGregor for the punishment he'll endure.

Still, as most people have been saying for the last few months, it's important not to write either man off.

Despite that, not long back those interested in boxing looked at two clips of the pair training and began to notice stark differences between the duo's training regimes.

McGregor, never one to shy away from an Instagram or Twitter post, frequently pictures and videos himself in the gym while preparing for the August 26 bout.

Credit: Conor McGregor

In a similar time-frame, former boxer Mayweather uploaded a training video.

He acknowledged that time may one day catch up with him, admitting he's not the fighter he was in the past.

In the caption, he wrote: "I know I'm not the same fighter I was 20 years ago, I'm not the same fighter I was 10 years ago... As a matter of fact, I'm not the same fighter I was five years ago, I'm just an old legend putting in work in 16 oz gloves."

Truth be told, despite his time out from the sport, he clearly hasn't lost it.

Now, I can't confess to knowing enough about the technical side of the sport to even begin to criticise either of them, but I can relay what more informed people have said.

People, including former boxers and boxing experts, believe that the Irishman is well out of his depth in going up against the undefeated world champion.

Even well away from his prime, Mayweather is dangerous, and his speed and accuracy might just prove too much for McGregor.

MMA Junkie says that the intensity in Floyd's punches are well above Conor's, which doesn't bode well for the UFC fighter.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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